I Went to a Physical Etude House Shop!

Hello everyone, I know that it was quite a while ago, but did you have a nice Chuseok this year? I certainly did! And it's because of one main reason, I went to Hongdae during Chuseok! (I also went to Gyeonkbokgoong Palace and Downtown Songdo, but I'll save that for another time.) Besides eating Pasta and looking a a few shops, as well as stopping in a Coffee Shop for a drink while reading my Critical Theory Homework over, I went to Etude House! An actual Etude House shop.

If you live in a country where there are Etude House, Skin Food, Missha, and other cosmetics stores all around, you probably don't know how awesome this is for me! I've been buying my products online for over a year now, and I've never been able to go into a store and see what everything looked like, get samples, and have a "shopping experience". The closest this I've had to this in the past was staring at my screen for about two hours straight, trying to pick which lipstick color to buy (without seeing what the physical color really is). My point is that I'm excited! Maybe it's a small dream of a Korean Beauty Blogger to go to a store in Korea, but I'm just happy that I was able to accomplish just that.

Okay, I'll stop getting sappy about this and just go on with the post...

How was my experience? Well, first of all I had to pick which Etude House to go into. There were a lot of different stores along the street, and they were each decorated a bit different. Since this one was shaped like a house, it seemed like the best bet, right? Honestly, in Korea there are so many repeats of shops that it's difficult for an indecisive person like myself to choose which one I want to go to. Even though the products are the same in all of them, I think that the aesthetics and general appearance make a big difference for your time in the shop. Even though it can make it difficult to choose I think that it can make the individual experience richer for each customer. Each person has different taste, and feels more comfortable in a different environment, so why not make each shop a bit distinct? I prefer a shop that looks more like a home, but other people may prefer one that looks more business-like.

Something that I noticed, personally at least, is that I don't buy as much when I go into a physical shop. It's so easy to overindulge and buy more than you need when you see things online. There's a bit of a disconnect between the seller and the buyer, and because you don't physically see how many items you have in your "basket", you pile things up and before you realize it your paycheck has been spent. (That's how it went for me at least.) Something about seeing the items makes me a little more hesitant, in a good way. I suppose you could say that I'm more prudent lately because of buying things inside the shop. Not only am I able to keep track of how much I have in a more exact way, but I'm also able to test out items before I purchase them. I could see how all the makeup looked on me, and if it suited me or not. If it's obvious that a certain shade of lipstick looks bad, obviously I wouldn't want to spend money on it. (Though the downside of not buying as many things is that I don't have as much to review as before...)

Another fun part of buying things for a physical shop (that I enjoy at least) is getting a bag as well as some samples with your purchase. The bag was so cute and playful, just like the company and their products, so I ended up keeping it long after making my purchase. 

Etude House is such a girly company that really lets you have fun and feel "sweet". Everything from their shop, to their products, and the bags that you take them home in reflect this. And I feel like it's the same with any cosmetics store chain in Korea. If you are ever in Korea and love cosmetics, don't miss the opportunity to stop into one of the shops to look around. The employees tend to be very nice (and their uniform is also very cute), and it's really an experience. Even though this is a short article I wanted to write it simply because this stood out during my time in Korea. I know I'll be spending much more time in these shops in the future, but I hope that I won't lose the excitement that I felt the first time that I went to one. 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole, 


Wow. It has been such a long time since I wrote here! I promise that I haven't given up on this website. Sadly balancing the life of being a full-time student with blogging is a really difficult task. As I learn how to manage my time better I hope to post more regularly in the future.)