Simply Natural: Clothing

I've lost track of how many times I have gone through my clothes and got rid of piles and piles of them. I have a problem with "Hoarding", mainly because I place a lot of sentimental values in things and think things through a little too much.
"This shirt was a Christmas gift! If I got rid of it, *fill in name* would be hurt!"
That's pretty much how I think about everything I own. I don't buy things very often, most of what I own are gifts from other people. So getting rid of things is extra hard for me!

That, and I place a lot of value in money. I grew up with enough money, but everything was about thrifty spending. Me and my sister would shop at the Salvation Army, but it was only when they had sales! We still had clothes that looked nice, but anything over $10 was too expensive in my mind, and still can be! So if I spent money on something, even if I never use it, I feel like it's a waste to get rid of it.

I am learning the concepts of,"Less is more" and "Quality over quantity", I have always known these things, but doing them is another thing entirely. I have always wanted a wardrobe of things that I liked, looked good on me, and that were my favorites, with nothing else in the closet! One of my old favorite shows was "What Not to Wear"(with the new hairdresser, I lost interest). They would take everything a person owned, which was usually a lot, and would make them go out and buy a few, very nice things instead. Two pairs of pants, two jackets, and three shirts would have to do for them!

I am a variety person, so I though it was nice, but also boring to have only a few options. When I was an Intern I owned a ton of clothes! This way, I did not have to do laundry (which cost money) as often, and, since I had to wear "Dress Clothes", this gave me more options for work. Once I graduated I realized that I did not wear slacks and blouses anymore! I didn't like them much to begin with, so I tossed a bunch of them. I realized that, when I was an Intern, I only had a small cubby (about the size of a large locker) full of things and I survived! I did not need as many things as I originally thought I did! 

For someone who collects things and holds on to every t-shirt, this was a big improvement! I eventually want to travel constantly, so I want to fit my clothes into a suitcase and have that to "live on". So, once again, downsized my amount of clothes. In the past couple months I have got rid of about 3/4 of what I owned. Those large moving boxes you could fit several people inside of? I filled a couple of those. The big thing was, I didn't miss any of it! 

I thought that once I put clothing in a box I would miss them and want to wear them in a few days, but I can't even remember what I put in there! My point of this "story" of sorts is to show that, to live simple, you need to get by with the essentials and only what you really like, and nothing else! 

This is a picture of the pile I got rid of this time around. I had so many things I never wore and just held on to for many, not so special, reasons. I will sell and re-purpose (getting to that soon) these instead of letting them collect dust and clog up my dresser.

I also got rid of any and all shoes that I liked, but hurt my feet like crazy, that I never wore! Why not? I wear the same three pairs over and over.

There are t-shirts from year ago, pajamas, shoes, jackets, and many other random things. I started with a smaller box, but that was filled up quickly and now there's just a big pile instead.

There are a few rules for going through you closet, etc. that I use each time.

1. If you haven't worn it in a month, or forgot you had it, get rid of it!
2. If you try it on and do not like the way it looks, get rid of it!
3. If everything you own cannot fit into your clothing holder (closet, dresser, etc.) get rid of things!
4. If it's old and worn out, not in a styling was or on purpose, get rid of it!
5. If you are not sure and can't decide if you want to get rid of it, get rid of it!
6. Finally, when you buy new clothes, get rid of some as well. One in, one out!

There are a few exceptions to this. If it's something formal and nice, keep it. You need at least one formal thing in your closet. Put everything in a box, out of sight, and if you don't wear them then proceed with getting rid of them. And don't make excuses to wear things that week!

If something is very sentimental, for instance I have Pajamas that my Aunt gave to me before she passed away, keep those. If you wear them, keep them in your closet, if not, keep them in a small box somewhere.

I am saving up for a lot of different things so I am going to have a yard sale, once it's warm, and sell these off. If something is nice, since I had a lot off "Dress Clothes", those I may sell online for more money instead.

Now, onto the other thing to do with clothes you are getting rid of! I love to "re-purpose" things! The thing for these is that if you like the fabric of the clothes, you can keep those in a box to use for projects.

I have made a scarf from a t-shirt (here), and I am hoping to make an old sweater into Mittens and a Hat soon! One of my favorite things about the internet is that there are a lot of blogs that show how to "Re-Purpose" things, and be creative! One of my favorites is "A Beautiful Mess", there are a lot of ideas on there.

You may think, "I'm not a crafty person, and I can't sew", but why not learn? Even if you area a guy, knowing how to sew is important to be an independent adult! And, being a girl, have one of a kind clothing and accessories is a great feeling! So if you have something that you like the fabric, etc. about it, keep that for later in a separate place! But! Don't let that be your excuse to keep everything!

Having only a few, nice things can be good. I dress in layers, so I keep more things than most people who do this, but I still downsize often. You can do a lot with a few, separate pieces of clothing, so be creative with what you have!

The main point is that we are told that we need several, expensive outfits. You watch T.V. and the celebrities and actors never wear the same thing twice! But you don't need to be that way! Owning a thousand outfits is ridiculous! Keep what you like, and that's it! If what you own cannot all fit into the dresser or closet when everything is washed, get rid of things until they do! Wearing the same thing twice in a month does not make you "lower" than other people, it makes you more responsible and rational than them.

My challenge today is simple:

Get rid of some clothes! Donate, sell, or repurpose them! Simply go though what you don't use often, try it on, and if you don't like it, toss it!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,