K-Pop Mix: Valentine's Day! (Both Sides of the Coin)

It's that time of year again! Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and most people fall into one of the two categories. Either the Happy Couple, or the Lonely Single (the third would be "I don't care whatsoever, so stop posting stupid things on Facebook and Twitter). Since I wanted to appeal to both of the major parties, this K-Pop Mix is extra special! There's actually two lists to choose from! The sugary sweet-lovey dovey mix tape themed one, and the lonely, upset, grumpy, and well, you know...
It was fun to make a list for both of them, I realized that I pretty much have the same amount of sad and happy songs in my music library, you know, to suit my mood for each day. Anyways, enjoy! (Disclaimer, most of what I say in this is meant as a joke, not out of bitter rage against love, or an attempt to sarcastically make fun of others. So I hope that you can read it in that kind of way, thanks!) 

"Happy Couple Mix Tape"

First up is the sickeningly sweet, lovey-dovey, mix for people who are in a happy bliss this Valentine's Day! The songs for this mix are love ballads, all in different tempos and styles. If you're looking for some music to remind you of how happy you are this holiday, this is a great playlist for you! Each song has the potential to melt your heart, or that of your significant other. 

- Star by Jay Park 

Although Jay Park is known for his swagger and Hip-Hop attitude, he's also released quite a few love songs. The most popular are probably "Know Your Name (Acoustic)", "Girlfriend", and "Star". You could really place any of these songs in this list, but I only wanted to pick one from each artist (per list), and stuck with this one. The soft sound of the song and the touching lyrics can instantly win your heart, making this a must for this mix. 

- Special Girl by Infinite H (Featuring Bumkey)

This is a newer song released by the Sub-Unit of Infinite, with Hoya and Dong Woo! This isn't a soft ballad, but it's still a romantic song in a fun way instead. Even if you only understand the English parts of the song, you get the idea of what their trying to say. And if you really want to impress, you can perform the dance along side it! 

- Kiss Kiss by ChAOS 

Even though this list is mainly about the songs, I have to say real quick that I love the video for this! That aside, this song is straight forward! "Baby, kiss kiss me! Kiss kiss me!", it's a bit difficult to beat around the bush with that. It's more upbeat and fun, and is also a great way to get in the music by ChAOS!

- Beautiful Lady by ZE:A 

This single from ZE:A is a wonderful love song for the ladies! It has a really smooth sound that you can really get absorbed in, and is perfect for lounging with a glass of wine or cup of coffee in the evening. If you've never heard this song before, make sure to check it out!

- Crash by B.A.P 

I had to pick between Crash and Stop It when it came to sugary sweet B.A.P songs, and in the end Crash won! If you prefer peppy songs, with the occasional Whistle (the "instrument", not the Cat-Call), this is the track for you! Once again, if you can learn the dance for this, that makes it even better! Nothing says "I love you" quite like hopping around and making a bunch of hearts, right? Right.

- Loving U by SISTAR

You can't have a mix of just boys singing, it's really not fair. So an obvious addition, to me, was Loving U by SISTAR, from their Summer Special! Their high vocals and energy in this song is wonderful, and when you're in a happy relationship (or imagine yourself in one) it makes you want to jump up and dance like crazy!

- Just a Kiss by Jokwon 

Jokwon of 2AM released his Solo Album last year, and while most people know the song "I'm Da One", every other song on the album is great! Just a Kiss is an English song from the album, and has a really slow, almost whisper like quality, sound to it. Not everything should be peppy and energetic, sometimes you really need a heartfelt ballad.

- International Love Song by The Black Skirts 

I didn't just want popular K-Pop stars to be featured on this mix, because there are so many other Korean artists and groups out there! International Love Song is also in English, but it's a lot simpler. It's because of its simple lyrics and style that it sounds so genuine and beautiful. It's honest and lovely, and is perfect for a romantic holiday.

- 4U (For You) by U-Kiss 

I absolutely didn't want to overlook U-Kiss, and I felt that their song 4U would be perfect! Any type of dedication song is bound to be sweet and make your heart flutter a bit (even if it's by someone you've never met before). The song is from their DORADORA album, and brings the tempo of the mix up again. Also, how can you not love the line, "Thanks to you, I'm jumping like a Kangaroo"?

- Love Girl/ L.O.V.E Girl by CN Blue 

Oh, CN Blue, you sure know how to charm a lady! Although their pronunciation of "V" isn't the best, it doesn't take away from the song in my opinion. A song from a Rock Band has to be in any love themed mix, and this song isn't too overwhelming and has a slight acoustic sound to it. There's an old and new version of this song, depending on how fast you like the tempo. What more could you want from a song? I put the original on here, but you can listen to the New Version Here!

- Beautiful Target by B1A4 

I bet that some people, upon reading the description of this K-Pop Mix, thought this song would be in here. Obviously, you would be right. This song cheers me up any time, any day, anywhere! There is no better K-Pop song to happily serenade your love with than Beautiful Target! Anyone who is told that they zoom zoom your heart like a Rocket should be honored! I'm not trying to be sarcastic, because I completely, honestly, absolutely, love this song! I would be flattered to have someone sing it to me, and I had to add it to this mix! (There's also a Japanese Version of this song as well, if you prefer it!)

 - Marry You by Kim Hyun Joong

Now, if you're actually making a Korean Mix Tape (or CD is suppose) for your Valentine, you may only want to include this song if you're in a serious relationship. After all, it is pretty much a proposal song about intending to marry someone, just saying. Although it may not be everyone's speed, it seemed just right for this love focused mix!

- Angel (Into Your World) by EXO

First, you can either choose the EXO-K or EXO-M version of this song, or maybe even both I suppose. I adore this song! When I'm having a bad day, this is my go-to Facemask song that I use to calm my mind a bit. The song is about seeing that person as your perfect Angel, who you want to protect for all time. That, plus how amazingly beautiful this song sounds, really makes this a great V-Day song! Personally I like the way that EXO-M sings it a little bit more, but that's my personal preference. You can check out the Mandarin Version Here, and the Korean one is right below!

- Wanna Be Your Love by F.Cuz (Focus)

Based on the chuckle with the "Saranghae" alone, this is a cute love song. This song says no to the "Friend Zone", and is pretty much a confession. Instead of focusing only on how beautiful the person is, and how much you like them, I like the element of friendship in this one. You're already their best friend, and they want to be your love now, it's pretty simple. I also love the effects used in this song, I think F.Cuz does a great job when it comes to that. Anyways, check it out, and don't judge it by the Music Video. (Though I think they edited out some of the... awkward clothing items now, but it kind of takes the fun out of it, maybe?)

- Beautiful by MBLAQ 

With so many songs named "Beautiful", I wanted to narrow it down to this one, though B2ST's was almost picked. The title pretty much reflects the lyrics exactly. Most of the song is "You're so beautiful", and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever! MBLAQ really did a great job with this love song, so check it out if you haven't already!

- No Other/너 같은 사람 또 없어 by Super Junior 

You cannot have a mushy K-Pop Mix without Super Junior! On a scale of 1-10 of how Valentine's Day worthy this song is, I give it a 12! In the video they are each putting together different gifts for their loves, including heart shaped cards, dance videos, songs, and washing their cars, etc. It is just so sweet that you can hardly stand it! If I could only pick one song for this list, this would be it. Also, the song matches the cuteness overload of the video, so it's not just because of the MV that I'm picking it.

- Boyfriend/보이프렌드 by Boyfriend

Well, the theme of this song really goes without saying, right? Boyfriend's song "Boyfriend" is obviously about becoming you Boyfriend! This song is for a younger crowd, mostly, because of the style of music, and the members of this group. Before Boyfriend released Janus and went for a tougher image, this was what their music was like! This was another "must" when it came to picking out songs, so hear the cutie-boy-ness for yourself!

- Juliette by SHINee 

Juliette is from the Romeo album by SHINee, and it shouldn't be a surprise that it's on this list. Of course I don't completely get why people love Romeo and Juliette so much, considering they both died in the end, but I suppose that "My Hermia" doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyways, this is a pretty classic SHINee song, and fits the mood. Plus, the chorus is pretty addictive.

- My Everything by Lee Minho 

Drama's have some of the best love ballads to be heard, and one of my favorite Drama Songs is My Everything from Boys Over Flowers! (A close runner up is Love Rain from, well, Love Rain.) This was one of the first Korean songs that I owned, and has been a personal favorite for a few years now. I remember letting out a long "awwwww", as I read the lyrics for this song. If you've never heard this song before, make sure to check it out!

- Be My Baby by Wonder Girls 

Before I finish, I have to give another slot to the Ladies! This is one of my favorite songs by the Wonder Girls, and is a great song for a girl to dedicate to someone. The song was released in both English and Korea, though I honestly prefer the Korean version myself. Whichever you prefer is up to you though, as long as you enjoy it. (Listen to the English Version Here!)

- Couple Song by Ra.D (Featuring Kelley) 

Finally, we are at the end of this list! I wanted to end with a gentle, hushed, type of duet. Ra.D and Kelley's voices really match each other's well, and this soothing song was just right from bringing this Happy Couple Valentine's Day Mix to an end!

"The Lonely Single Mix"

This next mix is not nearly as sweet, cute, or happy as the last one. While couples are out on the town, or snuggling at home, some of us are watching Bridget Jone's Diary and listening to Adele, while we stuff our face with Ice Cream and Candy until we feel sick. Some people take loneliness on "Single Awareness Day" by being sad and complaining about being alone, or by getting really upset and throwing Anti-Parties and ranting about how much they hate love. If any of this sounds remotely like you, I've put together a Mix of songs to help you express your sadness or anger for Valentine's Day! Why listen to Someone Like You, when you can listen to sad Korean music instead? 

- Abandoned by Jay Park

Just like we started the last playlist, Jay Park is up first! Sure, he wrote those happy songs about his warm and fuzzy feelings, but he also wrote a few about being sad and angry as women. Even though it's a slow song, it's perfect for dancing to (you know, in an upset manner). Maybe you're alone because of a breakup, and this expresses how you feel? If so, turn it up and get it all out! 

- All Alone by Kim Jaejoong 

Jaejoong released his Solo Album earlier year, and his moody and theatrical music came just in time for V-Day! He has such a hauntingly beautiful tone to his voice, and the build up of the strings in the background are great. Although the song is about being alone, there's also a light of hope, because you're saving your love for that one special person. Maybe you're not with them now, but never say never, right?

- Sad Song by Baek A Yeon

If you're looking for a sad song for the occasion, what could be better than "Sad Song"? Baek A Yeon was a contestant with Lee Hi and Park Ji Min on Kpop Star, and it's no wonder she was a finalist with how powerful her voice is! She really put a lot of strength and emotion into this song, and the video is pretty cool as well.

- DIRTY by Miryo 

After getting in touch with your sad side, it's time to move on to the next mood swing! I couldn't really think of too many songs that could be better for the upset single mix than Dirty by Miryo. Man, does this song set the mood for just yelling at the person that broke your heart! It takes turns from almost crying, to just pure anger. If you want to have an Anti-Party with your friends and dance around, this is the perfect song for that! (If you're going for that kind of theme, 2NE1's Go Away and I Don't Care will also work.)

- Without You by G-Dragon (Featuring ? of the new YG Girl Group) 

G-Dragon and his mystery guest prove a point right off the batt with the line, "Love is painful". The theme of the song is similar to All Alone and Abandoned, you love someone and don't want to be without them. I loved hearing G-Dragon's softer singing voice, and this is a good subtle type of sad song to calm yourself back down with.

- Solo by C-Clown 

Pretty much the entire theme of C-Clown's album "Not Alone" was breaking up, with different types of sad songs. Are you going Solo this Valentine's Day? Well, here's a good theme song for you! but don't be too discouraged, after all, there's nothing wrong with going Solo (especially if your first name is Han and you have a Wookie companion)! I'm going solo, with my dog as my furry companion, so I found this song appropriate! If you've never heard this song, check it out!

- I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me by 2AM 

Oh, goodness... If you want to talk about some of the most depressing songs in Korean Music, let me draw your attention towards 2AM. Their music videos that feature a lot of crying and dramatic posing are such emotional ballads that if you weren't already crying, you probably will be by the end. This is a very pretty song, but that doesn't mean it's happy.

- Crying by Heo Young Saeng 

You don't have to be depressed or crying to enjoy this song, because it just sounds really good! The Piano is really nice, and the vocals are great! No matter my mood, the chorus for this song will occasionally get stuck in my head for weeks at a time. The dance for this song is really interesting, and the music is just so great, I don't really know what to say besides that! Listen to it for yourself and decide what you think about it.

- Alone by SISTAR 

Once again, one of the groups that performed one of the cute couple songs also released a heartbroken song. SISTAR's Alone was the song that made me fall in love with the group. The really cool electronic sound, ridiculously high notes, and constrained dance makes this a wonderful song and video. Maybe you're going to dress up and go to a club like SISTAR on V-Day? Although it's a really sad song, who knows, it could be your theme for the night!


- Nowadays You/요즘 너 by Brave Girls 

Honestly, I really hope that I can hear more from Brave Girls! They really did a fantastic job with this song and video (I love the outfits used in it, like seriously so classy and sleek). This is another post-breakup song, and not simply a song about being alone. I especially love the Rap around the Bridge, "Trying to act like I'm okay. I'm not okay." The harmonies are nice, especially the parts where they echo each other. Maybe you want something that's melancholy, but not depressing. In that case, try this one out.

- Cry by MBLAQ 

No sad playlist is complete without Cry by MBLAQ! The dramatic dancing, the crying in the rain, and the way they sing the line, "Baby you make me cry", so great! It's a classic MBLAQ song, and I couldn't not mention it!

- Heartbreaker by G-Dragon

You may be thinking, another G-Dragon song? Well, what can I say? The man puts out quite a few sad songs about failed relationships! This song is from G-Dragon's earlier Solo Album, and brings the mix up a bit with it's faster beat and electronic additions. If you're suffering from a broken heart, put on this song and attempt to do the dance, just make sure that it doesn't turn into an Arm, Foot, or Neck-Breaker!

- I'm a Loner by CN Blue 

CN Blue also contributed to both sides of the Valentine's mix! Sure, the title makes you think, "Who would ever want to sing along to this song?" But once you've heard this song, you will sing it all the time! It's actually one of my favorite CN Blue songs ever, and it also let's you have some upbeat music while you're feeling down.

- Lonely by 2NE1 

Here it is! One of the top theme songs of Singles on V-Day! If I had to pick just one super lonely and sad song, it would be this one. Tomorrow I may sulk around the house singing, "I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely!!!" (Or I may be too busy watching Dramas and eating cake... Maybe during the commercial breaks?) There's not much more to say about this song, really. It's just the perfect song for the occasion.

- Love Song by Big Bang

This other song is my second choice for the theme of singles on Valentine's Day, though this is more of the angry side than the lonely side. There's nothing quite like singing, "I hate this love song", at the top of your lungs when everyone around you is playing "Their Song" with their "Baby". It's pretty simple, they hate the love song. That is all. You don't really need to know much more than that to enjoy this song. Maybe even do the sad bird dance while you sing along, to take it to the next level.

- Gone Not Around Any Longer by SISTAR 19 

Yes, another high note sad song by SISTAR, but this time it's from the Sub-Unit. SISTAR 19 just released this video and song recently, and they said that they felt it was "darker" than SISTAR's usual music. From the dance, to the lyrics, this song just resonates sadness and loss. A lot of people applaud their "Classy Sexiness" in this video, and the wonderful editing, and I'm really a fan of the song myself.

- Being Alone by Epik High (Featuring Clazziquai Project) 

One more song about loneliness before moving on! This song is, obviously, about being alone. I absolutely love Epik High and Clazziquai, so to hear them together couldn't make me happier (which seems funny since the song it's supposed to really feel you with warm-fuzzies). This is an older song, compared to most of the ones before it, but that doesn't mean it's not as good! If you've never heard this fantastic Hip-Hop song, click on the video below!

- Sexy, Free, and Single by Super Junior 

That's right, we're slowly wrapping up this song on an independent note! Sure, you're single on the Romantic Holiday of the year, but who cares, right? Because you're Sexy, Free, and Single! (Though you aren't required to play Bingo, just be ready.) I love this song, I love Super Junior, and I love that this song was released while Leetuk was still in the group! This is the song that you (may) have been waiting for! So pump up the volume, and don't fret! Because you are getting close to a good time, because it's party time!!!!

- I Don't Need a Man by Miss A 

Finally, we are bringing this playlist to a close as well. Since a lot of girls are the ones who are sad on Valentine's Day (what with not getting Chocolate or Flowers, etc.) I'm wrapping things up with this song for "All the Independent Ladies"! So, before you go to bed tomorrow, make sure to get up and sing along to "I Don't Need a Man". It'll make you feel better, and the more single women singing together, the better! I seriously laughed when I remembered this song for this K-Pop Mix, because it was just too perfect to add as the last song. 

While I spent most of the list joking about the depressing-ness of being alone, single, angry, or sad, in all seriousness, don't get too caught up in the "single awareness day" talk. Enjoy being single, and don't get too consumed with the "need" of being with someone so early on in life. You may not have a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, spouse, or fiancee, but you do have a lot of freedom! So whether you're spending tomorrow on the couch, with friends, or working, have a great day no matter what! 

There it is! Two K-Pop Mixes for this Romantic Holiday, all at one place! I barely finished this on time today, so I hope you can laugh, swoon, and overall, enjoy it! If you have any favorite songs, from either category, let me know in the comments!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,