Product Review: Etude House "Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk"

Although I've had these lipsticks for a while, I will admit, I haven't done a review on them yet. I kept putting it off, but I really love them and so there is no real reason for me to continue to put it off, late is better than never, right? I've reviewed Etude House's Dear My Milky Gloss, which can be used as a counterpart to this one, so it's about time that I wrote about their lipstick!

Etude House's Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk 
(4 out of 5)

The Blooming Lips-Talk brand has 24 different colors to choose from, in shades from Neutral, to Orange, to Pink, and Red! The spokes people for the line are the same as the other Dear My products, Sandara from 2NE1 and SHINee! Each member of SHINee has a different tone of a kiss mark on their cheek. The line was marketed with a Kiss Note Journal, where you write the name of the person you like with the lipstick to win their heart. The commercials show Sandara choosing different members, and changing her mind, until it's Minho's turn (as usual). I thought it was really cute and clever, and I happen to own one of the Journal/Photo Books myself, from a past promotion! You can watch their "mash up" commercial Here.

I ended up buying 4 different colors from the line, so I'll write a bit about each one, as well as the quality over all. The packaging has to be my favorite part of the lipsticks! The tub is girlish and cute, fitting the "Wanna be sweet?" feeling of Etude House perfectly. It's a pastel pink color with detailing on the top, and a bow on the bottom. Not only is the case decorated, but the lipstick itself has a heart engraving on it. The boxes they come in are also very pretty, and there are different designs on them too! I've said before that I love the girly and sweet makeup concept that Etude House has, makeup should be fun and making things cute just adds to the experience. I've had them for a while, and they really last a long time, I've barely seen any change in height after several uses. So, having great marketing and lasting a long time gives points to the brand, right off the bat.

The feel of the lipstick is smooth and creamy, just as it's advertised, to make "clean and vivid lips". It has a "powder finish" and a "relaxed fitting complex", which makes the lipstick smooth without smearing or being too wet. It goes on smoothly, but doesn't feel like it's caked on or runny. It also has a "Hydro-moist complex" ingredient in it, like Chapstick, which ensure that your lips don't dry out from wearing it (a problem that I've had before that made me shy away from lipstick). (A lot of people seemed really concerned if there's Wax in lipstick, but wax can actually help keep your lis soft, more than other kind of lip products, so having a bit in them is a good thing! Some companies put in too much, but there seemed t be the right amount in these.) All of those things are true, it isn't dry, or too moist that it runs or feathers, and goes on smoothly. The only thing is that it says it doesn't leave any "cracks" when applied. With the lighter colors, no matter how much I treat my lips before hand, I can clearly see the creases in my lips when I use them. There are two ways to try to fix it, either apply very little, or apply a lot to cover it up. The lipstick also stays on for a long time, so you don't need to worry about re-applying too often. Both ways don't give the look that you probably want, so I found that a bit disappointing. If you tend to have very healthy lips, it shouldn't be as much as a problem for you, but I would steer away from the lighter-orange toned colors.

I bought some of the "hot colors", along with some shades that looked good to me. One of the other problems is that all of the colors seemed to be one more shade pink than they were in the photos. I don't know if my screen is just bad, but they all were a little bit off from the pictures, which made it difficult to get just the right color. So, if you buy one, make sure that you like pink shades, and guess for the color to be a bit more pink than you expected. (That's what I did in the end, at least.)
The colors that I own are Electrifying Red (RD304), Exciting Orange (OR205), Happy Coral (OR202), and Worry Beige (BE101). The names are very creative, and to think that they came up with 24 of them. All of the colors, besides OR202, are considered the "Hot Colors", meaning the most popular ones they sell. I figured that buying those could be best, because they must be popular for a reason. I ended up being right, because the one that I don't like as much is the Happy Coral color.

RD304 Electrifying Red

The name says that it's red, but the color is more of a "Barbie Pink" tone than a red. It's very bright and summery, and I would suggest it to people who like very bright makeup that stands out. Something this pink is best for confident people, and it also goes on smoothly with little trouble. 

OR205 Exciting Orange

Although it can give me the most trouble, because of it being light and showing any and all imperfections, I like this color. It's something unique, and distinctly Korean, because of it's orange tone. It's not too orange, but still has a nice orange shade to it. 

OR202 Happy Coral

This color, despite its name, didn't make me very happy. It's just a little too much for my skin tone. I have very pale skin, and cool undertones, and so this shade doesn't look the best on me. On others it may look better, but personally it's not my favorite. It's also a bold color for people with confidence. 

BE101 Worry Beige

I like this color a lot. It works well for a subtle lip color, that's closer to a nude lipstick than the others (that I own). It is more in the beige family, but still has enough pink in it to bring life to your lips. I'm more of a low-key, neutrals, kind of person, so I like this one the most. 

Overall, I like these lipsticks, and they are the best that I have owned so far. I will still be on the look out for better ones, but for now they work well. I never worried about feathering, my lips drying out, or the lipstick "melting" off. It's a good lipstick brand to start with, and I think I'll be buying more colors in the future as well. I mentioned before that they last a long time, and they cost about $13 a tube on Cosmetic Love Here (where I bought mine). Since the quality is good, and they last you a while, it's actually a pretty good deal! You can also find them in sets with perfume and nail polish, if they still are on sale, under "Dear My Blooming Gift Set". Another great addition to your look would be the different Dear My Lip Glosses, in Milky and Crystal, that were made to match the colors of the lipstick. They may not make members of SHINee come along to kiss you, but they do make your lips look great! 

Tips on applying Lipstick

1. Before applying lipstick it is best to use some sort of abrasive to remove dead skin. You can use a Honey and Sugar combo scrub, a very soft toothbrush and Petroleum Jelly, or buy Lip Scrub Here!
2. After you clean up your lips, preferably before applying your other makeup, apply some Lip Balm to soften them more. 
3. Start from the inside of your lips, and work your way out gently. 
4. Apply the lipstick, dab it off with a paper towel or a cloth, and re-apply for longer lasting color. 
5. Some people will run an ice cube over their lips to help the lipstick stay on longer, it freezes the wax and can help with feathering or bleeding lipstick as well. 
6. The best way to make your lips look bigger, without looking like a clown, is to use a nude lip pencil (the same color as your lips) before applying the lipstick, instead of a pencil in the same color. You can also highlight your cupids bow lightly (the dip right above your lips and under your nose). 
7. Pull your finger through your mouth, while making the "fish face", to make sure that none spread to your teeth. 
8. You can also make your lipstick into more of a stain by applying it with your fingers and gently pressing it into your lips, for a lighter finish.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,