Video Project: K-Pop Countdown to Christmas!

With December, and the Holiday season upon us, I wanted to do a special video project! There are tons of countdowns and advent calendars for Christmas, but there aren't many for Korean music. With so many Winter, Holiday, and Christmas songs out there by Korean bands, I had to make a countdown to share them with everyone! So, I am posting a video a day (which is really hard work!) for 25 days until Christmas! This is my first real video project (the others on the channel are from vacation and such), so I'm still new to it, but I hope to improve over time.

So far there is one video uploaded! (I'm exporting the other as we speak!)

You can watch that video Here!

If you want to keep up with it than subscribe, and it would be awesome if you "liked" the videos! Also, if you have suggestions let me know via comment on YouTube, or here! Thanks~!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,

p.s. I'm still keeping up with regular posts best as I can!