Product Review: Innisfree "Moisture Firming Mask"

I'm sad to say that when I travel I tend to neglect my skin. Even if I have free time, for some reason I just don't like skincare outside of my own home. My skin does alright, I still wash my face and use moisturizer, but I don't use my regular products and masks because of packing hastles. This means that when I get home I usually have exhausted skin, that has to readjust just as much as I do. Sheet masks have become a staple in my beauty routine, especially after a trip, or when my skin just needs a boost. If you regularly read my blog, you would know that I have reviewed tons of sheet masks by now, and I am doing yet another today. It's because they all offer something different, and some work better than others. I am happy to say that, though it's the same brand, the mask I'm writing about this time is from a different line of theirs, and is different from others that I have reviewed before! Let's get to it!

Innisfree's Moisture Firming Mask
(4.5 out of 5)

There are a lot of ingredients in this mask, but the main one is Prickly Pear, aka Cactus, from Jeju Island, a famous Korean resort of sorts known for the rich volcanic soil, and better produce in general. Anything that's labeled "From Jeju Island" is automatically thought to be better than average. Cactus fruit is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, as well as a moisturizer, some people even use the sap as a hair conditioner! It makes sense that, for a moisturizing mask, they would use it. The description says that the mask has anti-aging properties, as well as ingredients that promote circulation. Other ingredients include Grapefruit and Citrus extracts, and Camellia, which are also great for your skin, when used properly. (It's always good to check the ingredient list before buying something, because some have extra ingredients that are not shown on the front label.) I live in a very dry climate, so I love moisturizing and revitalizing masks like this, and they are really good to keep on hand.

You can't see the mesh too well on this picture, but it falls off after use and I couldn't get a better one.

They recommend that you wash your face and use toner before applying the mask, personally I just washed my face with warm water and patted it dry. Make sure to run your fingers across the top before opening, to prevent a mess. Be careful when sliding it out of the packaging and unwrapping it as well. Before applying the mask, cover your face with the excess serum from the packaging, to ensure that your whole face gets covered. This mask has a kind of rough mesh on one side, that feels a little bit like sandpaper, which was new to me, and the other size was very soft. Place the mask with the soft side on your skin, and the netting size on the outside. The mask drips a bit when you are putting it on, so be careful. Smooth it onto your face, and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. (If you leave it longer nothing terrible will happen, in my experience.) This mask was smaller than usual, they usually make them pretty big so that they can fit anyone, and while it fit the mouth and eye openings were a bit too small for me. it has a light floral like scent that isn't too strong, and the serum is a clearish-pale color and is a good consistancy. There was a lot of liquid in the package, so after I took off the mask a put a bit more on my skin. It absorbs quickly, which is useful for after the mask, or if it gets on your hands, but this also means that the mask dries pretty fast.

Overall, it's a pretty good mask! My only complaint being the size of the mask, which could make it too uncomfortable for people. I like that they have the mesh so that you know which side to use, it's a good design idea. After I used it my skin felt refreshed, moist, and comfortable again, and it also relaxed me a lot. My skin tone seemed to even out a little, but not dramatically, and my skin was really soft to the touch! It said that it firms the skin, moisturizes, and helps with circulation, and it did all of those things for me! I also have sensitive skin, and I had no problems or breakouts from using it. It's really worth trying at least once, and I think I will probably but more in the future. This line from Innisfree seems to work better than their other one, so I'm glad that I tried it out. You can buy these for about $4 each on Cosmetic-Love, Here, that's where I got mine. I hope that you are able to purchase one to try, and let me know your thoughts on them as well!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,

(p.s. Sorry that that photos aren't terribly wonderful this time, there was really bad lighting so I tried my best to get what I could.)