How to: Make a Sock Kikwi

So, here is the pattern that I have been promising for some time! You can now see how to make your very own critter from Zelda: Skyward Sword!
These Kikwis are slightly different than the ones I made before, because I made them out of socks. But they are very easy, even if you are new to sewing, and it only took me about 30 Minutes to finish one (while taking pictures).
When I do projects I get pricked by the needle quite a few times, so be careful!

The larger you make these the easier it will be, I made this one rather small, so it was more difficult. So I suggest making it as large as you want. I happened to have old socks in the right colors for this, if you do not, feel free to use whatever you have! It's all about being creative and making them like you want. So please, take this simple pattern and do what you will with it!

You will need:
-Thread, I used white and black. You will need black, using white for the rest is optional.
- A button, for the "tail", I used a flower shaped one.
- Scissors, and a Needle.
- Off-White and Brown fabric. (I have used socks and regular.)
- Thick green fabric.
- A small piece of black fabric.
- Stuffing (not pictured)
All the fabric can be whatever you like, but it must be a kind that does not fray! Especially if you are doing a smaller one, if the fabric frays easily you will have a lot of trouble!

- Two small squares of Grey fabric. (Feet)
- A small piece of green, curled fabric or thread. (Hair)

Cut out the White and Brown fabrics. You will want a gourd-like shape. Make the bottom larger and the top smaller, keeping the whole thing rounded. Cut out the white, and then cut the brown out, slightly smaller than the white. (These pictures are pretty much to scale, by the way.)

Next, cut out the face. The bottom is like a long triangle, and then two circles on top of that. Then, cut small holes for the eyes in the circles. Just fold them in half and cut a small incision. 

Cut the green fabric into a long strip. about 2-3 inches.

Roll the strip into a sort of rose shape, wrapping it around itself and going down slowly. 

Take your thread and sew through all the layers with a fairly long piece of thread, and tie a knot, leaving a short end and the very long end, and cut off the short end. 

Tac down the rest of the layers, spreading them out slightly. You just want to make sure that it will not spiral apart later. Once you think it is secure enough, sew up through the top and back down, so the thread is coming out of the bottom. 

Pull the thread through the button, and sew it on about 2 times. 

Sew the tail to the brown fabric. You want it on the bottom half, but not centered. It should be heightened slightly. Set the brown piece aside for the moment. 

Cut a long piece of black fabric. Take the face and tac the center of it to the white, to hold it in the place you want it. Sew down the center of the nose and back up one of the sides. You need to do this quickly, especially if the fabric frays at all. When cut small most fabric will. 

Once you get to the eyes, pull the thread out of the center of the eye and sew to the outside, repeat this in a circle around the whole eye hole. This opens up the hole, and makes sure it does not fray. Repeat on the second eye, and go down the other side of the nose. If there is any frayed fabric, cut the ends of them. 
Both sides are now ready to be sewn together!

Leave the white face up (like the picture above) and place the brown on top, so the tail is against the white. Basically, place them inside out. sew all the way around, starting to the side of the bottom, and leave the bottom open for stuffing. 

Fill the Kikwi up with the stuffing. If you use socks it will stretch. Fill it up as much as possible, these creatures are chubby after all! I was lucky enough to have some real stuffing around, if I don't I will use fabric scraps to fill things up. Or, you can leave it empty and add drawstrings or a zipper, and turn it into a coin pouch. 

To sew the bottom up my trick is to take the fabric before the ends and sew it together. It is difficult to explain, so I took a picture. Sew the bottom up this way, so it matched the rest of the Kikwi. 

The bottom should look like this. 

By now, the Kikwi will be like this one. But it still needs more, in my opinion! So now, on to the "Optional" section! 

Take the squares and fold them about 3 times, into small triangles. Sew all the way around, starting and ending at the smaller point. 

Sew them to the bottom, right where the brown and white meet. You can sew them just once, for floppy feet, or sew them down a lot, for feet that stay in place. I like mine to stay in place, so they wont tear off as easily. 

Last, and certainly now least, is the hair! I uses a curled piece of thread for the same fabric as the tail. You can do the hair any way you want, like how in the game they are all different, but this is the easiest way to do it.
Fold the hair on itself a few times, to make is bushy, and tac it to the head right in the middle. It does not need to be sewed on too much. 

And there you have it! You have now made a little Kikwi! You can attach a keychain to it if you wish, I just left this one as a little Plush Toy. 

Happy sewing! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,