Product Review: Etude House "Dear My Milky Gloss"

I wrote a bit about the Milky Gloss by Etude House, when I did a review on Cosmetic Love a while back. Since then, I bought more lipgloss from the Dear My line, so I wanted to write a specific review on the gloss. The main reason why is because it is one of the best things that I purchased all year! I now have two kinds, and they are used more than any other lip product that I have. So, let's get on to the review!

Etude House - Dear My Milky Gloss (Papaya & Chocolate) 

(5 out of 5) 

The Dear My line has a Crystal Gloss, a Milky Gloss, Nail Polish, and Lipstick. I own most of the products from the line now, but this is by far my favorite. The look of the lip (and polish) line is very girly, the products have beautiful rounded edges and hearts on them, and most of them are either pink or silver. I've said in the past that I love that about Etude House. It's okay for makeup to look pretty in the packaging, and to have something girly and fun in your makeup bag. The feeling of the Dear My line is like being a little girl again and being fascinated with makeup, wanting to buy it because it's cute or shiny. While the products have a very playful and sweet look to them, they also are functional and work well. I've had a lot of lipgloss over the years, it's the standby gift from people who don't really know you too well, but this is one of the first ones that I bought for myself and really liked. I was drawn to it by the advertising, and continued to use it because of the quality.

The shape is sleek and portable, it looks long but it isn't bulky so you can still carry it with you everywhere. When I took this with me to California, I think every girl I know asked to use the gloss at least once. It was in my makeup bag and my purse, and if someone spotted it, they would ask to use it. So it's not just my opinion, but also about five to ten other women I know who loved it as well. They come in a variety of colors, all labeled as different kinds of Lattes. There is Peach, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cafe, Mango-Orange, and Papaya! The colors are labeled well, each one of the "flavors" matches the color. I've had issues in the past with lip products being a different shade then in the photos, and I didn't have that problem with this line. I ordered the Papaya at first, and later bought the Chocolate, and honestly will probably buy some more in the future (I'm thinking about the Raspberry or Blueberry). They all have a similar, light, floral scent to them that's very subtle.

The applicator is a good length as well, and it works really well at spreading the gloss evenly. You can either wear the gloss by itself, or on top of lipstick. The colors of the gloss match some of the shades from their lipstick line, so you really can buy both and wear them together if you like. You can also apply a thin, light, layer or stack it up as much as you like. My favorite thing about the Milky Gloss is in the name, it has a "milky" finish to it. While a lot of glosses are overly shiny or sparkly, these ones have more of a natural, matte, finish to them. It's more casual and can be worn for every day without feeling overdone. It still looks like you are wearing something, but not in a way that overpowers your face or makeup.

I chose the Papaya color because the orange shade is very popular in Korea, but I'm not used to wearing it yet. The Papaya Latte is a good in-between color, it has a orange tint to it, but it still has a pink base. It's almost a coral color, but more vivid.

While I chose that color to be more adventurous, I bought the Chocolate color for a more subtle look. The Chocolate Latte is very natural, and almost matches the shade of my lips exactly. It makes my lips "come alive" and brightens up my face, while not altering the natural color.

They both are useful for different makeup jobs and moods, so I alternate between them quite a lot. The gloss lasts long and isn't too sticky. It didn't slide off or bleed when I wore it, and I only apply it a couple time throughout the day (after a meal is my general rule). It feels comfortable when you wear it and doesn't dry out your lips. The only complaint, if I had to call it that, is that you'll probably leave kiss marks on all of the cups and napkins you use while you wear it, but that happens with pretty much anything that isn't a stain. I don't really mind that too much, and if I am concerned about that I'll just use a lip stain or something instead. They will also last a long time, I have been using the Papaya a lot for months now and still have plenty left! For a gloss they both work very well and are great to keep with you throughout the day if you want something to add to your look last minute.

Overall, it's pretty obvious what I think about these. I really recommend them, and while these two are my current favorite colors there is an assortment to choose from. I bought mine from Cosmetic Love, but they are pretty popular so you can find them on other online shopping websites as well. You can buy them for roughly $9 each. Since they are good quality and last so long it's worth it. I hope you get a chance to try them out and let me know what you think!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,