Favorites From November 2012

Christmas is on its way, and December is here, but it's time to look back at what happened in November! This is a list of my personal favorite Korean Albums, Music Videos, and Product Reviews from last month. A lot goes on every month, so it's important not to miss anything. Some of the Albums I got a chance to review, but not all of them, and I still want to mention a few! Onto the list!

~Favorite Korean Albums of the Month~

First is a debut band that I didn't get a chance to write about, A-Prince's 1st Mini Album Hello! This is a short album, that packed with so much peppy happiness! It takes me back to the first K-Pop songs that I used to listen to, ones that overload the senses with the electro-pop music, happy sounding voices, and simple English phrases. The title track wasn't one of my favorite Music Videos of the month, so I'll mention it here! (Watch the happiness Here!) They switch between a set with their logo, and a bright white background, throughout the video. The dance for this one is so catchy, and I want to learn it right now! It's nothing crazy or fancy, it's pretty simple, but the main purpose is that it's fun. Just like the video, the album is also a lot of fun, so make sure to check it out! 

The next album I did get a chance to review! It's the comeback by SMASH "I Will Protect"! You can read more about it Here. SMASH spent some time in Japan, and didn't release much of anything in Korea for a few years, and they made their comeback this year! I love the album, and also that the members of the band are a bit older than most, giving them a more mature edge. 

Next up is Fiestar's We Don't Stop. Though the album is short, it's worth listening to. I really liked Fiestar since their duet with IU, for the LOEN Tree Album, and I was happy to see another album from them this month! The title song is great, and I'm going to mention it more in the MV section. Overall, getting this album digitally is worth it. 

Boyfriend released Janus, their First Mini Album, in both regular and special edition. Their music is usually very "flower boy" style, focused on love songs. This new album is an edgier style of music for them, and so are the photos for the album! The title song was great, and the whole album is one to take notice of. There are actually a lot of songs on this album, at least on the Special Edition one (but if you buy a CD, might as well get the special one, right?) which I always love to see. Though I still love the pastel colored, sweet, Boyfriend, this change is also good. 

One of the albums that I got the most excited about was B1A4's Into The Wind! I bought their last album and loved it, and this album is just as good! I love the feather themed album art, with the hints of color, as well. I think that the more time goes by, the better B1A4's music gets, so it's worth keeping up with their latest songs. This one has quite a few songs on it, and also some guest appearances by members of Brown Eyed Girls and Miss A! 

Another album that I was able to review was Dal Shabet's Have Don't Have/ ItGi EopGi! You can read that full review Here! Dal Shabet puts out music that is pretty much "Disco Pop" themed, giving them a distinct sound in the K-Pop world. The album is very bright, and matches the cover art with the "space sound" of the synth. If you're looking for something a bit unique, it's a good one to listen to. 

I really love Inifinite, and I was really excited to see that a member had put out a solo album. Kim Seong Kyu's Another Me is such a great album, and made it so that I finally may have a member bias for the band! After releasing "Shine", he later released the full album. While there seems to be a musical influence from Infinite, yet the songs also seem to be unique to Kim Seong Gyu. This was one of the albums that I had to own, I knew that from the moment I heard it. It's not only the "title tracks", but every song, that stands out in a great way. 

Finally, there's Juniel's 1&1, which I recently reviewed Here. I've been in love with Juniel's music and voice since her last album, My First June. She is a Korean native, who started her career in Japan, and I'm really glad that she released another Korean album! Each song sounds so cheerful and full of life, which means that this is the kind of album that will instantly put a smile on your face. It's also balanced and had a coffee shop feeling to it, so if you prefer acoustic sounding music, it's a great one to own! 

~Favorite Korean Music Videos of the Month~ 

I'm going to try to get through these quickly, since there's a bunch of them, so I'll mainly just list them this time. 

First is All the Same by Urban Zakapa

This song has a beautiful instrumental, especially the piano, as always for Urban Zakapa. It's a really artsy type of MV, making it pretty interesting. 

Next is Janus by Boyfriend!

I mentioned the album Janus earlier, and I also love the video for the main song. The contrast in the scenes are great! Janus is a two faced god in mythology, and the song is about a girl who is constantly changing back and forth. The sets, costumes, and dance for this video are great, and I love Boyfriend even more because of it. I especially loved the back up dancers that are almost like their shadows. 

Next up is Jo Moon Geun's I Just Walked

This is an adorable indie music video based on a time capsule (when you bury things when you're younger, and dig them up when you get older). I love the actor that plays him as a little boy, he's so adorable, and really does look the the singer. 

Another MV from an album I mentioned, FIESTAR's We Don't Stop

This music video does really cool things with angles! I love how they go from sitting on the ledge, to dancing on the building. The sets are bright and spunky, and my favorite part is when they all jump and fall in slow motion. It really suits the sound of the song, and is my MV favorite from them so far. 

Next is Always by Galaxy Express!

I loved the sound of this song! They used filming styles and filters to replicate old videos, and make a tour video. Something interesting is that this is from their tour in America (USA), so I look forward to their next one, based on this footage. 

As opposed to a simple video, next is B1A4's Tried to Walk!

This video is great! The sound effects of the wind (hence the album "Into the Wind"), and the instrumental for the song are wonderful, and the song didn't disappoint at all. Also, Baro's rap? That was some pretty speedy rhyming! The music video is cool, and focuses on Baro for the story line, showing a before and after of them breaking up (more or less). The costumes for him are great, and I love the mirrored end screen and the sets. 

Another comeback MV was Son Dambi's Dripping Tears

This video is brilliant! Son Dambi has been around for a while, and she really knows how to make a great video (and song!). The use of color was awesome, and all of the different outfits were intricate and unique, really catching my attention. The theme is interesting, personally I love odd videos like this, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Still, one of my favorites! 

Next, another interesting video by Jang Yoon Ju, I'm Fine.

This video is literally artsy! It's a time-lapse style video that only consists of drawings and the artists hand, and many types of paper. The art style is different than what some are used to, but there's something distinctly Korean about it, that I love. The music is soothing and simple, matching nicely with the video. 

Next is Natthew's She's Bad!

Natthew was recently on MAMA 2012, winning an award (For Thailand) and performing live! I was really excited when I saw him because I already liked this music video and the live version was great! The video plays a lot with the lighting, on simple sets, and I loved the dance as well. 

Yet another MV from one of my favorite albums of the month, JUNIEL's Bad Man!

I've already said several times in the past how much I love this song and the instrumental for it, as well as Juniel's voice. The song is really catchy, balanced, yet complex. The muted colors for the video are great, and I love how the room matches the woods dream set, plus there are so many adorable bunnies! 

Then there's Let the Wind Blow by LED Apple!

The opening music really reminds me of T-Ara's Day by Day, it has the same instrument. They only dance a bit, and focus more on them playing instruments, for the video. I love the concept of the robot-clone-replicas of the band members that are being controlled, it's like a futuristic take on marionette videos! The effects for it were also really well done. 

Another video that came out was TVXQ's Humaniods!

Although I really liked Catch Me, I think that I like this one even more! The electro-rock sound of the song is just so amazing sounding! It's really unique and addicting, and the dances are suburb, as always. The dances have to be the main highlight of the video, I like how they go back and forth and alternate who dances, and the way that the sets and costumes change at the perfect time (nice editing work there!) Definitely another great Music Video by TVXQ!

Next is Lee Seung Gi's Return

This is a really sweet music video, and Lee Seung has such a soothing voice that matches it perfectly. Childhood sweetheart MVs are some of my favorites,  and this one did a great job!

One last song from the album list, Kim Seong Kyu's 60Sec.

I love the rock sequences from this video, and also in the song. He sings with so much passion, so shots of him performing are the best. The song is about how he fell in love in 60 seconds, yet was also able to forget about her and his feelings in 60 seconds. The video shows their whole relationship from start to finished in 60 seconds, which he remembers when he sees her, then she remembers when she touches the ring. It's a unique concept and the acting and scenes were done nicely. 

There are several versions of the next MV, it's C-Clown's Far Away... Young Love... 

My personal favorite version is the member one. They almost interact, but not quite, like they are his conscience. There's also the regular Drama Version, and the Dance Version. It's not about how wonderful young love is, but the pain it can cause. I feel really bad for the guy to have to go on a road trip with the girl he loves, and her boyfriend. The ending is pretty intense, and I was engaged for the entire video. 

Another Solo release this month was Caffeine by Yoseop Yang!

This is a solo from a member of B2ST/Beast! I love the theme of the song, and the different coffee shots! I also love the solo motion shots in the video, and the acoustic and string instruments. Definitely worth watching!

Finally, there's BIGSTAR's I Got The Feeling

The perfect way to move into December is with a playful snow vacation video! This song sounds a lot like their song "Think", but I still like it. It's really cute, and shows a more innocent, boyish, side of BIGSTAR! 

~Favorite Product Review of the Month~

When it comes to which product was my favorite of the month, I have to go with the one that I use the most. So I chose Etude House's Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming Cleanser! This is my current face wash, which is great for people with sensitive skin. Make sure to check it out, if you haven't already. 

That's the month of November 2012! Other things that happened included MAMA 2012, the Mnet Asian Music Awards, which were pretty amazing! Also, I started a video series that's a "K-Pop Countdown the Christmas", which is a Korean song each day until Christmas! You can watch that Here!

November was a great month, but I'm excited for December and Christmas! Let me know what your favorites from this month were in the comments, and have a great day!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,