K-Pop Mix - Good Morning!

To start off the year, I wanted to start a new segment! I have different plans for this blog for 2013 (and beyond), and this is just one of the ideas. I write about albums, beauty products, and cooking, but I don't get a chance to just write about individual songs that I like! So "K-Pop Mix" will be my Top 10 (or more) songs from a certain category or theme. The list for today is "Good Morning", Korean songs that I like to listen to when I first wake up. Personally, I like something bright to start off my day, but not too upbeat that I get a headache. Most of these are from groups that aren't considered "Idol Groups", and that's okay! Because I break into their music for different parts of the day, but I like "Indie" music for when the sun first comes up. Instead of just talking about the list, let's jump right in!

1. Caffe Latte by Urban Zakapa

You may have heard this song a million times, or never heard of it! Regardless of  your experience with this song, it's still a perfect morning/coffee shop kind of song. I find myself singing this song when I wake up, even if I didn't put it on, or if I'm drinking Tea. The sound of this is so addictive, and Urban Zakapa's voices are so smooth with perfect harmony, making for a beautiful song. This song is gentle enough to wake up to and get you going, especially on a day you need to calm your nerves and relax a bit. The original song is Caffe Latte, because really "Latte" just means milk unless you specify that you want "Caffe" or Coffee in it. I personally have the alternate version, Coffee Reprise, which has slight changes to the sound of it. There's also a remix version by Geeks, if you prefer something with more of a Hip-Hop feel to it. Each version is great for that cup of Joe in the morning (or at night for the nocturnal people)!

2. A Perfect Day (Featuring Windy) by Standing Egg 

Standing Egg is one of my favorite Korean bands! Their music is gorgeous, and it was love at first song with them! This song features the singer Windy, who has a higher vocal range compared to their usual music. This song has a subtle brightness to it, like when the sun is first peaking, or when there are just a few clouds in the sky. Also, the acoustic music for it matches the feeling of the lyrics perfectly. The sound just reminds me of waking up really early, yet still being content with it because it's going to be a perfect day! The Music Video for this was really simple as well, and I loved the camera angles and lighting. The lyrics may be about Saturday, but I think it's a good song for any day of the week.

3. Honey Honey Baby by Yozoh 

I love the first Guitar notes of this song, and the way they are scattered throughout the rest of the track. The music for this song is the main reason that I like it so much. There are so many layers of sounds ranging from acoustic to electronic, and you notice more of them each time you listen to the song. The lyrics for it are also sweet (pun intended) with the, "Honey, honey, baby", chorus. Yozoh has the kind of voice that can sing this kind of soft and charming song. Her tone is slightly hushed, and the song is balanced just right that you can put it on once you wake up, no problem!

4. Americano by 10cm

If you listen to a lot of Korean music, you were probably expecting this song once you read the title. I don't think it's cliche song to add this one on here, it's just perfect for mornings! Another great thing about this song is that they finally added 10cm's music to iTunes, so you can own Americano, at last! This song was made into a Music Video, and was also performed live (Here). Both the video and the performance are live recordings of the song, but the song you can buy is the studio version. The song was controversial for a while, making it difficult to find, because it was banned for the use of lyrics involving smoking after having an Americano (since that would be a negative influence on youth). This drink is pretty much just hot water and an Espresso shot, made for Americans who couldn't handle the full strength of an Espresso. It's a common drink order, especially in Korea, and I think it's pretty good myself (I prefer it over drip coffee). This is another song I sing all the time, and it's difficult not to once you've heard it! The lyrics are about drinking an Americano, how they like their Americano served, and when they like to have one. It's fun and quirky, and perfect for jump starting your day!

5. Take Out by Gain and Ra.D (LOEN Tree) 

I've mentioned this song before, in my LOEN Tree Review, and had to add it to this list as well. The song features Ga.In and Ra.D, who both have spectacular talent. This song is really Jazzy with a complex mix of the Piano, sound effects, and several instruments. The lyrics are about going to meet a person in the morning, and the excitement of it, but in the end they have to get "Take Out" Coffee to go because the other person couldn't make it and they both got busy. They keep saying, "It's okay, don't worry", but at the same time you can sense the subtle disappointment in the song and their vocals. It's not all about being sad though, because there's always next time, so there's still a bit of hope in the song. I love the concept, and if you're a busy person who is on the go once they wake up and takes their coffee or tea to go, it's a good song for you.

6. Good Morning (Featuring Kwon Jeong Yeol 10cm) by Verbal Jint

This song is really catchy and the lyrics are pretty adorable. I'm a big fan of Verbal Jint, he consistently makes great music, and the tone of his voice is so unique perfect for the kind of Hip-Hop songs he writes. I love the pairing of him with 10cm's lead singer, their voices compliment each other really well, and having two of my favorite artists collaborate just makes me smile. The song is said to be about the awkward good morning you say to a person after confessing to them (accidentally) the night before. I laugh a little bit when I think about it, and think it's cute (though it seems weird saying that something by Verbal Jint is cute). The song is upbeat and bouncy, and does sound a bit like an awkward kind of person talking to you, with a big smile on their face that's partially from embarrassment. The chorus is so much fun to sing along with, but I can't really pick out a favorite part of this song because I like the whole thing. From the bridge, to the chorus, to the verses, and the scatting, it's like I can't get enough of this track! Even though I discovered this song just the other day, it's already a favorite of mine. I think that if you hear this song once, you may like it just as much as I do. While he also performed this song with Sanchez from Phantom, I personally like the 10cm version better.

7. I'm Tired (Featuring Kim Shin Young) by Supreme Team

If you're not really a morning person, this is the perfect song for you! This is yet another song that I sing in the morning, usually accompanied with lots of yawning. You know how you yawn if you read the word, hear the word, or hear/see a person yawning? Well, prepare for a yawning fest! At first the song made me cringe a little bit with all the yawning for effects, and the "Mom" nagging in the song. Most people I play this around look at me like I'm crazy, but I seriously love this song now! It's really funny, and the chorus is relatable and simple, making it the perfect tired-bed head sing along. I know plenty of people who wake up and just say, "I'm tired... I just want to sleep now..." The ending is also fun, with the "La la la" and the arguing (with the scary Mom tone, haha). I got a bunch of Supreme Team songs recently, and this is one of my favorites out of them. While the other songs are cuter songs, this is more of a tired (or hungover) song for older people.

8. Coffee Over Milk by Ji Yeon, Boram, and Hyomin (Coffee House OST) 

What could be better for the morning than a song from the Coffee House soundtrack? Plus, it features members from T-Ara and Seeya, there's not much more you could do for a song! "Coffee over milk" is pretty much the same thing, beverage wise, as a Caffe Latte when you think about it, proving that Americanos and Lattes are popular drinks. There are a bunch of lines about Coffee drinks and Espresso references  in the song, obviously, along with terms of endearment (like Darling and Honey), that mix together for a enchanting love song. Their voices go together so well, I think it was a nice match, and the harmonies are great. The song fades out slowly with soft Piano music, bringing the song to an end.

9. Oh! Happy Day by Juniel 

Juniel's song is another one that I reviewed recently, for her album "1&1". You may get happiness overload when you listen to this song, and not everyone can handle that! Maybe you're a morning person, or maybe you need some "encouragement" to cheer up when you get out of bed, either way this song is packed with energy to get you going! The whole this is about a good-happy day, and the different people and things she sees while she walks around. The chorus is all, "Happy day! Happy Life! Happy Smile!" It's pretty difficult to be grumpy while this song plays, and it's also the kind that you would skip or dance around to, at home or in public. I had to include a super bright song from Juniel somewhere in this Mix, and this was the perfect one! There's the studio version of this song, with the added effects, and she also performed the song live in a coffee shop setting Here!

10. Toast (Featuring Humming Urban Stereo) by J / J.Ae 

The final song on the list is a duet, like most of the ones on the list. This song leans more to the interesting electronic sound, instead of acoustic, and features Humming Urban Stereo. Jae released a single album named "French Toast", with several good songs for mornings, but this was my favorite off the album. I can't just list all the songs about drinks, there has to be some food in there too, right? Toast and Bread seems to be a pretty universal Breakfast food, so it's a great song title. This was one of the first Korean Indie songs that I bought, and I still listen to it. The vocals sound quiet and raspy like whispers, almost like a hushed conversation while having Breakfast with the person you love. This song is unique sounding and soft, and a meal makes the perfect ending for this K-Pop Mix!

We have made it to the end of the first annual K-Pop Mix! The honorable mention for this list is "What Do You Want" by G-Dragon, another song for those who aren't morning people. Although the song is generally just a tired and annoyed sounding, I think it's best suited for first waking up!   

I hope you enjoyed this mix of Good Morning songs, please let me know what your favorite Morning songs are in the comments! I hope to make a bunch more "Playlists" of sorts in the future, so stay tuned! Have a great morning, and rest of the day, and give these songs a listen! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole, 

(p.s. Nice bed head, right?)