Favorites from May 2013!

Wow, June completely snuck up on me! I barely realized that we were already in a new month, until I started recording videos and saw the date. (Then, of course, I realized that it was time for the new BIGBANG Calendar month!) Things have been crazy in my life the past few weeks, and I realize that I've gotten behind on writing things. Hopefully life will slow down enough for me to post enough things for you guys to read. This last month there were a long of comebacks from long time artists, and a few great debuts as well! So enough about typical life problems, let's talk about my favorite Korean MVs, albums, and such from the month!

~Favorite Korean Albums of the Month~

B1A4 - What's Going On/What's Happening? 

I wrote a review on this album, so to know more about my thoughts on it you can click Here! I've been a fan of B1A4 for a while now and I was pretty excited to see that they had a new album coming out! They tried out so many different genres and really surprised me with their versatility. I think there's a song for almost everyone on this album, and it's really worth checking out. Not to mention that they wrote and composed the music for this one, making it truly their own!

2PM - Grown 

How could I talk about May without mentioning the 2PM comeback? Sure, I'm not a long time K-Popper (or whatever term you prefer), but I am a dedicated one! So it's almost predictable that this would be one of my favorite albums of the month, which I'm adding to my collection of 2PM albums. I was able to buy the physical album (which looks great!) but I didn't review it. (I still might, but there are so many newer ones out that I'm trying to review at the moment. Only time will tell.) Anyways, this is a great sounding album with plenty of smoldering 2PM songs on it! If you want a more mature sounding Korean Album, as in not super peppy, but made to appeal to an older audience, check it out! 

SHINHWA - The Classic 

This album come in two versions, the regular and the "Thanks" one, which has a very special case and other extras. Shinhwa is incredibly talented because they've been in the music industry since 1998. They really know their stuff when it comes to their music and choreography (As seen in their MV). Personally, I'm a big fan of their music. Not just from Venus to The Classic, but before then. If you're new to their music, this is a great album to start off with. 

Lee Min Ho - My Everything 

Because of the diligent requests of fans (and probably his manager as well), Lee Min Ho made his official music debut as an Actor! He has said many times that he isn't the most talented singer, but he is releasing this album and touring to make his fans happy. I can't tell you how many times I have listened to "My Everything" from the Boys Over Flowers OST, and all the movies and dramas I watched because he was featured in them. I may be biased on my opinion, I'll be honest. I have to say that I really do like this album. His voice isn't amazing, but I think it's the simplicity that I love about it. This album also has different music styles featured on it along with a re-recorded version of his solo that I mentioned earlier. If you're a fan of his, make sure to pick up a copy! Also, hear what he has to say about his album in his "Ask In A Box" Interview on LOEN's channel Here

BIGBANG - Alive Galaxy Tour Finale in Seoul 

While I didn't go to this show, I was lucky enough to go to the Alive Tour in California, USA! I even wrote about my experience there back in November, which you can read about Here! It was seriously one of the best concerts I've been to and is one of those events that I still remember like it was yesterday. Listening to this album brings back a lot of those memories, which is why it's one of my favorite releases of the month. If you're a fan of BIGBANG, whether you went to a concert or not, it's really worth getting. Since this is the finale they went all out for the songs. Most of the time I don't like live albums, but this one sounds great and the audio quality is good as well. It sounds crisp, yet still has the qualities that you want in a live CD.  

~Favorite Korean Music Videos of the Month~

Lee Hyori - Miss Korea

I almost mentioned her album earlier, but I wanted to condense and talk about it a bit along with the video. Lee Hyori made 3 Music Videos recently, and this was my favorite out of all of them. (The others were Bad Girls and Amor Mio, which I also liked a lot!) This video has retro flair, the sets look classy, and the hair, makeup, and clothing looks spectacular. Lee Hyori is gorgeous, and so is her voice! I love this song and I've been singing it nonstop since I heard it, and I've watched the video a few extra times as well. 

LC9 - MaMa Beat (Feat. Gain) 

If you're not into action movies, video games, or violence in general, you probably won't like this video very much. I, however, am a pretty big fan of the first two things. When I saw this Street Fighter type video I loved it! The crazy fighting, ESPer abilities, and raw energy just stood out to me. Not to mention how ridiculously catchy it is! The style is similar to Block B and BAP (two of my favorite groups), that's edgy, loud, and in your face. I love this kind of music so even though they aren't as big or popular as other groups, I'm already a fan. 

Swings - Would You? (Feat. Seo In Guk)

This video is really funny and cute. A lot of the frames just look like they are goofing off and not worrying about their image, where as the others they look more serious. The guy will stop at nothing to get this girl, and while part of me feels bad for him, but it's also pretty hilarious! The song is also injected with pure swagger, seriously. It just sounds cool, even though the video had me rolling. 

Wonderboyz - TARZAN 

This video is really creative, and my childhood love of Tarzan and George of the Jungle all came back to me when I watched it. There's a type of comic book theme and the images burst out in a 3D type effect. The imaginary world collides with the real world in different scenes, as the boy imagines he's saving the girl he loves. (Of course, there's an almost stalker element at one point, but you just have to laugh at it really.) It was such a clever concept for the song and video and they did a great job with it too. 

HSgR - May I Love You? 

May I Love You is K-Pop throwback paradise in a video, with members from H.O.T, NRG, god, and Sechs Kies. They are the the "first generation idols". It's a video that nods to all the videos of their time. It's not in HD with crazy effects, just them. And that's all they need! They do whatever they want in this video because they can. It's colorful, fun, and energetic. What more does a K-Pop video need?

VIXX - hyde 

I am in love with the dance for this video. The jerky movements are so cool, and it looks like they're fighting against their own bodies to move. As far as the makeup is concerned, it looks great and reflects the stark contrast between the light and dark sides of their personalities. And those wings look amazing! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is such a popular story and it's been remade several different times. Making it the theme for a song, album, and video was a brave move. I think they did a great job making it their own! The song sounds distinctly "VIXX", and I am really loving the edgier style they've had lately. Even if the snakes and spiders totally freak me out! 

STAR - You Are The Best 

Okay, this video had me at "animated bunnies". I was skeptical about the animation style at first, because I tend to like the hand drawn look better, but it looks great! The different bunny cut scenes were adorable and made me smile. And even though the plot was so simple, I was completely emerged in it and was rooting (out loud) for the bunnies' love! It's refreshing and kind of silly, making it totally worth watching. 

Boyfriend - ON&ON 

I just had to mention this one, even if I only wrote a few sentences. Every now and then a video comes out that is practically the epitome of "Aegyo". They just look so natural when they enter "Cutie/Flower Boy Mode", and I just believe that they can act like that. After the very serious side of Boyfriend, it's nice to see such a sweet and playful side of them again. I will admit to giggling and smiling like an idiot when I watched this. But when your life starts to be a bit crazy, that's not a bad thing! It'll melt your heart and cheer you up from any bad mood. 

~Favorite Product Review of the Month~

I didn't really get a chance to review anything this past month! (I know right?) I did write a short article on using a "Lemon Compress" as a natural acne treatment though. It's a great, simple, homemade solution that pretty much everyone has the materials to try out. You can read more about it Here!

~Favorite K-Pop Songs of the Month~

Here's another video of my current favorite K-Pop songs! Some are old, some are new, but all of them are on repeat! My taste and favorite songs list changes a lot, so I try to update my current favorites whenever I can. I also added a segment with my current K-Pop Ringtone, just for fun. Check it out! 

That's it, my favorite from the month! What were your favorites from the month? Let me know in the comments!  I really wish that I was writing as much as I used to, but I have less time these days than I did before. This last month was great and I cannot wait to see what June and the start of Summer has in store! Thank you for reading and have the best Summer that you possibly can! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,