Product Review: Tonymoly "Nail Lacquer Glitter"

Nail polish tends to be the last thing that I shop for, I like to take care of my skin and makeup first. The price for this nail set was reasonable, and the colors were funky, so I decided to pick it up. It came in a set of three, so this review has all of the colors in it. This is also a Lacquer, which is better quality than polish and I prefer it personally. So, let's get onto the review!

Tonymoly - Nail Laquer Glitter Set

(3 out of 5) 

The set comes with three colors that all have outer space themed names, since the colors and glitter is meant to look like stars or planets. It comes with "Milky Way" (Green-Blue), "Shooting Star" (Purple), and "Pinky Star" (Pink, obviously). They all have a pastel, milky, color to them, which seemed unique to me. The colors are pretty basic, which means they can be used for many different kinds of nails. This can be used for your entire nail or just detailing work, it's really up to your taste and mood that day! The bottle themselves are pretty cute, I like that the lid is the same size as the bottle, it give it a kind of "chibi" cute look, and the container glass with a plastic cap. Tonymoly's logo is all over the bottle and cap, but it's imprinted and not just written on there. Though the brush sometimes come unattached from the lid, just screw it back on and it should stick back in again, but that gives it a cheap feel. The brush on it works very well, it makes it easy to paint your nails. 

On Paper

The colors and glitter accents are really suited for a more girlie and playful looking polish, it's not really meant for you to wear to the cocktail party or business event, it's for a day out with friends! The colors are really good for when you want to brighten up your outfit, or to wear during Spring and Summer. So if you tend to be a more serious person, and do not want to stray from that, I would keep away from these. But it is good to use if you aren't afraid of looking too playful or young, and just want something to stand out and bring more color during daily life. Before you read further or consider buying them just keep that in mind, these are made for the younger crowd (even I'm not in the mood for these every day).

One coat (with a base coat) 

The color is pretty weak on your nails by itself. You should put a coat of white underneath them if you want to use the colors on your entire nail. If you are just using them on your tips or to add sparkle to the color you already have on they will be fine. It just needs a kind of solid base to really show, or you will only really see the glitter.  

Two coats

They really do have a milky tone to them, so if they are just plain on your nails, or on top of another color, it will have a cloudy color to it. After two coats you will start to see the color of the lacquer, and not just the glitter alone. If you want a subtle looking nail two coats should be enough, it will have a light creamy look without standing out too much. 

Three coats

You don't really want to put on more than three coats, putting too much nail polish can just make it weaker and also make it bubble, so the general rule is to put no more than three coats on your nails. The color shows up pretty well at this point, even without another color underneath it. As you layer is the previous glitter gets covered by the new polish, giving it a neat 3D kind of "Galaxy" look! 

Now that we have that done, let's go onto the reasons that it's not a 5 out of 5. The bottle is made out of glass but, as mentioned earlier, the brush pops off at times which makes it seem cheaper. The colors also don't show up too well, and I'd rather not have to coat my nails so many times for them to show up, because from the ads I saw it looked a lot better, and not so much when I tried it myself. I like a subtle look, but not so subtle that I have to keep layering it. It take a bit to dry, which isn't so bad. The main thing that can bother you is that it takes forever to get off! The glitter makes it really difficult to remove later, it can double the time it take to get the polish off and the glitter gets all over you if you'r not careful. Those would be the reasons that I don't absolutely love this product, but I still like having this on hand regardless.  

As for the colors the Milky Way looks more blue than green, it's an in-between color, but it leans far more towards blue. This one shows up better on your nails compared to the other two, it didn't seem to have as much glitter in it though, at least the one I bought. Shooting Star is a nice shade of purple, not too deep but still noticeable. The one I got has a lot of little sparkles in it, and not as many lager ones. So if you're looking for major glitter, go for this one. Pinky Star is the most subtle, since it's pink it matches your nail more. It has a good balance of large and small specs in it, but doesn't show too well, it's much better to only use with another color. 

I bought this as a set on Cosmetic Love (who recently re-modled their website, just a side note) but they no longer carry the 3 set. You can buy the individual colors for about $8 from there right now. You can also buy it on other websites online like Ebay or Amazon either individually, or as a set which includes all three colors (about $15-$20). If you want to buy it or not is really up to you as well, because some people like these and others don't. For solid polish to use often, I wouldn't really recommend it. If you want one for tips, details, light glitter coats, or a subtle pastel nail color, I would recommend them, especially since the set is a decent price. I would check them out yourself and see if you like them or not. I will be keeping the ones I have, since they can come in handy at times. Let me know what you think if you have tried them yourself! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole, 

(Tip: Keep your polish/lacquer in the fridge and it will keep longer, go on smoother, and be less likely to bubble.)