Comic: Too Many Options/너무 많은 옵션


Based on a very true story of something that I did a couple weeks ago.

I recently moved back to the USA after living in Korea for about 4 years, and there is a lot to take in. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming adapting to a new culture, and in this case it's extra frustrating because I AM American, so of course I'm expected to know how things work here. However, I became so accustomed to Korean culture, values, and basic ways of doing things, that I still feel so awkward and out of place just going grocery shopping or ordering a coffee in english! 

I get especially overwhelmed at how many options there are here! There's over ten flavors of Oreos, dozens upon dozens of shampoo brands, and don't even get me started on picking out a toothpaste. I spent so much time looking for a shampoo when I arrived that I felt rushed and frantic at the end and just grabbed one, only to find (while in the shower already) I had bought conditioner. So, until I was able to go back to the store, my hair was dirty but very soft. 

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole, 
- C.A.M.