An "In Sickness and in Health" Kind of Week

Well, it's been an interesting week! It started off with fun and baking, and ended with sickness and bed-riddeness!

I started to feel sick on Thursday, and am just now in the "recovering" stage of it, and it's Monday... I think it was something with my sinuses, and I am glad to be getting over it! This has pushed me to take better care of myself, get sick less, and post more in the Health category as I learn more about it for my own good!

I made a pretty awesome cake for a pot luck before I was feeling sick. It was chocolate with mocha frosting, and triple berry whipped cream and Strawberries to top and fill the four layers! I am so glad to have made a cake that did not sink in! Baking while two miles high is not easy, and so making a level thing is very satisfactory!

Speaking of cakes, I make another cake jewelry set! My sister has a birthday in a few days, and when she saw the one I made for myself, she asked me if I could make her one as well, a Shortcake version! As well as a Kikwi (which you can find the pattern for in the post before this one)! As a bonus I made a bunny hair clip, since that is her nickname. I think they came out rather well, and I hope she likes them.

For myself, I made a scarf out of an old T-shirt! I learned how from This video, and since I am going through my clothes this year, I tried this way of "Re-purposing" some of them! 



I found these very unique and quirky, so I had fun making one. In the video they use leather for the strip, but I used an old sock instead, haha. I also had a broken broach that had been gathering dust for a while, so I glued that to it for extra flair! 

On top of making a scarf, I also make a few bows in the Valentines Day fashion. Two clips, and one bowtie!

I got quite a few glue burns and needle pricks while doing these projects, but they were all worth it! My sister says that I'm like Martha Stewart lately, which I find pretty funny. I have always wanted to be a D.I.Y. type of creative person, and so this year I am doing that to the fullest this year! I feel myself when I have handmade things around me! 

I was hoping to have more pictures of using these things, but since I was sick I was not exactly "picture ready" to do so. 

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! And I am excited, danget! I will be doing "Mani-Pedi's" for the women at church, as well as quite a bit of baking and chocolate making! So it is going to be a great day! 

I put up a recipe for Pancakes on the food blog. Click Here or on the photo for that!

 I hope to finish up the series on Love this week, and put up links to that as well!

Challenge of the day:

Prepare something for someone to have tomorrow! You should gift at least one thing to one person on Valentines Day, in my opinion, even if you aren't "In a Relationship". Maybe the Elderly in the neighborhood, your parents, friends, or family, etc. And, just don't be grumpy tomorrow!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,