Music Review: Vixx "On and On"

The new year is starting off big with a bunch of comebacks! VIXX became one of my favorite bands when I first heard Rock UR Body, then played it non-stop, and I later had the chance to see them live. I've been waiting for their comeback ever since their last project, and was really excited when I heard about this single album! They keep improving each time, so I'm happy to write about this album. 

VIXX's Single Album On and On, released January 17th 2013! 

Last year a lot of rookie boy groups made their debut, and VIXX stood out for me. The MV and song Rock UR Body was fun and addictive, and while this album is in a slightly different style, it still has the same quality to it. While their last album was really bright and playful, this one is literally darker, and also edgier. I like that they each have a different hair color and the same outfits, somehow it makes each member stand out more. The concept art for the album is great, and it really matches the music well. They do a lot with sound effects and electronic music, and this album still holds true to their style.

As a band, VIXX is the first male group from Jellyfish Entertainment. Each person was a contestant on Mnet's "Mydol" reality show, in the end the six of them won and became a group, and they got their official name "Vixx". They performed on their debut stage on May 24th 2012, and have been touring, performing, and releasing music successfully since. They even have their own show on YouTube called "VIXX TV", which you can watch on their official channel Here! The group really cares about their fans (after all, it was their fans that voted them to win the program), and they really show a lot of kindness and communicate with them. The members of the group are N (aka Cha Hak Yeon), the leader, and Leo (aka Jung Taek Woon) the main vocalist, both born in 1990. Ken (aka Lee Jae Hwan) is the other lead vocalist, born in 1992. Ravi (aka Kim Won Shik) and Hong Bin ( aka Lee Hong Bin) are both rappers in the group, and were born in 1993. Finally there's Hyuk (aka Han Sang Hyuk), the Maknae (youngest) of the group and dancer, born in 1995. Now that you know a bit about the band, let's get on to the music!

- ON and ON (다칠 준비가 돼 있어)

I love the video and the dance for this song! It's definitely more of a gritty style than their past videos, and I was really excited for it since I was the teasers. The use of the sets, lighting, costuming, and the contact lenses they wore were all awesome, making for a really well put together music video. The sort of fantasy-esc setting of it reminds me a bit of BIGBANG's Monster, mixed with The Phantom of the Opera. Of course, the Phantom of the Opera bit makes sense, because that's how the song starts off! Beginning with the classic Phantom of the Opera score, the entire progression for the song is dramatic sounding and whimsical. They still have Ravi starting the song off, like most of their tracks, and the electronic effects that I've really grown to love from them. The song has pretty unique and intriguing lyrics about how the woman they love is pretty much just toying with their feelings for fun. Even though they know she's messing with them, and they'll just end up getting hurt, they continue to have feelings for her. The bridge for the song is my favorite part, both in the video and the song with, "I need therapy, Lalalalala therapy", and the Michael Jackson Thriller inspired dance that goes along with it. It has more of a Dance genre feeling to it than the rest of the song, yet blends with the rest of it perfectly. Overall, I was very impressed with this title track, VIXX went above my expectations with it.

- I Don't Want to be an Idol (아이돌 하기 싫어)

The other song on the album was pre-released as a single earlier. N sent out a tweet before the single came out with the title of the song and a picture of him with a girl, only showing her arm, and people were curious why he did it before this song came out. A lot of people followed VIXX's moves because of it, so I think it was a good idea, and also showed the core meaning of the song. This is a softer, acoustic, love song. It's about the pains of being an Idol while being in a relationship. Sometimes the only time their girlfriends see them is when they are on TV, and they can't go out in public. It's such a difficult career to have when you're in love, and this song expresses the heartache of that. I love the sound of this song, the instrumental is gentle and beautiful, and the vocals are heartfelt. This is the type of song that you hear and you can understand the emotions that K-Pop Idols go through, which is a great thing.

- ON and ON Instrumental 

I am obsessed with instrumentals, and I have to say that this one can really stand on its own! The music for this song is beautiful and unique, and you can really hear that when you listen to the instrumental. While not everyone like them, personally I am so happy that they added one to this album.

That's the album! It may be short, but it's still a stand out for me. I love the contrast of the bold and dramatic song, and the calmer emotional song. VIXX is doing a great job so far, and I hope that they will continue to for the rest of the year. You can buy this album on iTunes for about $3, and you can also buy it on Kpop Plus or Yes Asia for around $12-$14. I really hope that you enjoy this album as much as I did, and if you've already heard it, or own it, let me know what you think!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,