Product Review: Innisfree "Jejubija Anti-Trouble Lotion"

I was looking for a new lotion to use for my face for a long time. It's actually very difficult to find a good moisturizer even though it's one of the most important parts of your skin regimen. I have very sensitive (combination) skin and I break out easily when I use the wrong face cream. Something too thick will clog my pores, something too thin does nothing for me and I end up being dry anyways, so I break out from dry, patchy skin. There's a delicate balance that some people need to find for their skin so I was really happy when I found this product.

Innisfree's Jejubija Anti-Trouble Lotion
(4 out of 5) 

I debated about buying this product for a while, but eventually I ordered it, and ended up using it for about 7 months. This is actually a part of a very large product line that includes face wash, blackhead treatments, creams, toners, etc. Although I haven't tried all of the products I've read several reviews myself about them being really good, and I can tell that they all have good quality just from using this one. To me, anything that mentions Jeju is appealing. Since it's an island filled with mineral rich soil and really high quality exports it's usually a good thing when you buy something made from Jeju Island products. Another thing is that Innisfree has very good quality products as well. I love to use their skin care lines because I know I won't be disappointed.

This lotion (and its brother and sisters so to speak) are all natural. They rely on ingredients found in plants and minerals instead of chemicals to treat your skin. I really like using products like this because I don't feel guilty at all for using them, in fact I actually feel like I'm helping my skin out instead. Innisfree is such a good brand when it comes to this though so that's one of the main reasons that I ended up buying this lotion. Jejubija, according to it's ads, has extracts that include, Pine-Woody, Green-Herbal, and Citrus. The combination of these three things helps keep your skin healthy and trouble free. The wood element includes Cedar and Pine. Cedar has antibacterial properties and Pine contains Vitamins A and C. The Herbal parts are Lavender, which helps sooth burns, bug bites, irritated skin, and is also used in aromatherapy along with Juniper. Finally the Citrus extracts, Lime and Lemon, help fight Acne and even out skin tone. Even though it's a moisturizer it does a lot more than that for your skin which is why I loved using it so much.

The container itself is a squeeze bottle with a screw-on cap that fits in the palm of your hand. Even though it doesn't have a pump to distribute the amount better you're still able to control the amount yourself pretty well. The whole line has the same shade of blue used, and this is more of a side note because honestly I think the color is really attractive and looks fresh and clean. The lotion is a bit thin and is pretty light. There's a white tint and blends into your skin easily without worrying about any white lines like you would with creams. The consistency is smooth so it applies easily and spreads out evenly. To apply is you simply take out a small drop (about the size of a finger nail or less) and spread it evenly on your face after washing, and pat it into place after. As far as the scent goes it's difficult to really pin down. It has a very herbal kind of scent (for obvious reasons) The Citrus and Lavender is very light and you mainly smell the Pine and Cedar when you put it on. So in general it smells more like a forest than an island.

The real question about this product is does it work? Yes, it works, mostly. I didn't give this a perfect score for one reason. While it does help maintain my skin tone (with the help of my cleanser), helps sooth my skin and calm me down at the end of my day, and feels natural and fresh it is a very light moisturizer. What I mean by this is that my skin still feels dry after using it. I have combination skin, as mentioned, and I felt the need to apply it twice at times in order to feel like my skin was actually getting the amount of moisture it needed. Perhaps this would be a better fit for oily skin rather than dry or combination because I still had some flakiness and dryness after usage. Overall it made my skin a bit nicer, but as far as a lotion goes it wasn't fully "up to par", so to speak. If you need a boost to keep your break outs in check and most moisturizers clog your pores I would recommend this product, but if you need something mainly to fight dryness I would probably look for something else...

Price wise this product is a bit more on the expensive side. In fact, most lotions and creams made specially for your face are more expensive than other cosmetics unfortunately. It's $18 for one bottle, and you can purchase it via Cosmetic Love, which is where I bought it, and is about the same price on other online stores as well. Even though it's not cheap, one bottle will last you a long time. I think I used the same bottle for at least 8 months. It's more to spend all at once but you don't need to buy it very often. Overall I think the product does a good job! I didn't break out, in fact my skin cleared up a bit. In fact I was actually sad when I saw I was running out. I think it's worth a try, especially if you tend to prefer more natural products. I'll probably be buying more from the Jejubija line in the future. Also, if you've tried this product before please let me know your experience in the comments. Some things work differently depending on the person so it's best to know the effect on others as well.

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