Product Review: Innisfree "Cabbage Natural Essential Mask"

This is the third mask of this kind that I have tried out. Like the other masks I tried (Pine and Mugwort) Cabbage also has anti-inflammatory qualities to it, to sooth the skin. It is also a source of Vitamin C, and can be used to absorb excess sebum. Cabbage is good inside and out, and since Kimchi is the national of Korea it only makes sense that they would make a mask out of Cabbage as well. Since I've already done two posts about how these work, this one will be relatively short. 

Innisfree - Cabbage Natural Essential Mask (Green) 

(4 out of 5) 

Out of the three so far, I think that I like this one the least. It's not that it was a terrible mask, but I just prefer the others to it. This one had a clear texture to it, like the Pine, but it was pretty watery. As I took it out of the package it dripped a lot, and I had to put it on my face quickly before it made a mess. 

It felt really cold on my face, more so than the others. It wasn't uncomfortable, and if it's really hot where you live you will really like that part, but it was still pretty cold. It looks almost clear on my skin when I did put it on, and I left it on for about forty minutes or so. It dried on my skin, but not completely, and I could feel it tightening on my skin a bit. The funny part is that the top half of my face dried, but the bottom part was pretty wet! The mask was dripping on me while I had it on, so I tried to catch the drops and spread them on my skin. 

The application is pretty simple. Wash your face, and pat it dry. Run your fingers across the top so that nothing spills out when you tear it open. Gently spread open the mask and place it on your face, smoothing it out and avoiding your mouth and eyes. You can let it set for 10-60 minutes, and it is best to do it while watching TV or something, so you don't move your face too much. You can rub the excess into your skin after you take it off as well. 

After I took it off I tried to rub the leftovers into my skin, but it felt a little thick so I ended up wiping some of it off with a moist washcloth. My skin is sensitive, so I can't have any thick moisturizers on it. My skin does feel a bit refreshed and softer, with a natural sort of sheen to it, but there's not an amazing difference. It also didn't whiten my skin, in fact my skin looked a little bit red for a while after I took it off. 

I got this as a free sample from Cosmetic Love, yet it looks like they don't carry it anymore to buy. I did find it in a pack of 10 on Yes Style for about $30. You can probably find these on Ebay or Amazon as well if you look. They have a red one as well, but I have only tried the Green Cabbage version. If you get it as a sample it's worth a try, but I don't know if I would spend $30 on it. Overall, it's a good product, but not my favorite out of the line. 

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