Music Review: Standing Egg "Ambler"

I have been a fan of Standing Egg for a couple years now, yet I've never had a chance to write about them much! They've done a few Singles and Duets in the past couple months, and now they released a Mini Album! I'm so happy that they have some more music out, and didn't hesitate at all to start this review.
(Warning: I may "fangirl" a bit about the music because I love it so much, but it is all my honest opinion. I know I say a lot of great things about music in my reviews, but it comes from genuinely loving it, and not just "trying to be nice" to the artist. If I don't like something, trust me, I'll say it.)
Now that that's out of the way, onto the album!

Standing Egg's Mini Album "Ambler", released April 16th 2013!

As far as the group Standing Egg goes, there's not much to say! They focus a lot on the music, and so there isn't much known about the band members. The members consist of "Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3", and they each do an equal amount of work for the music. But they do keep up in general with their fans via FacebookTwitterInstagram, Me2Day, and YouTube (where they upload their music to listen to for free!) They've worked with several other Indie artists, including Windy, Clover, Hana, Christina Love, 3rd Coast, and more! They started releasing music in 2010, and have over 10 Singles and 4 Albums. Their music has been labeled "Acoustic Pop" as well as "Folk Pop", and they experiment with several different instruments, styles, and influences. To me, the music just as a refreshing and seasonal sound. I love putting it on while I read or relax around the house, and they always help ease my mind a bit on busy afternoons. 
Their newest album uses the Ukulele a lot and really emanates the feeling of Spring Time! I also really like the simple artwork for this album, it reminds me of a picnic or lunch outdoors. Also, the word "Ambler" means to walk at a leisurely and relaxed pace, makes sense right? They even made Teaser Videos for their new album before it came out! (You can watch the latest one Here) Now, let's move on to the individual songs! 

- Miss Flower 

First up is the peppy and tropical sounding song, Miss Flower! I can't help but think of Leis made of hibiscus and various other colorful island flowers when I hear this. This song starts off the Ukulele theme that the album has, and has a very playful sound. I love the addition of the whistling throughout the song, and the singers voice is perfect for the sound of the music. There are a bunch of different acoustic instruments like the Djembe (or similar type of Drum), Acoustic Guitar, and a Tambourine. I also like the use of "Lie" instead of "La" in the song, I'l be honest that I've always preferred it to "Lalala". Overall it sounds really nice, and transports you to the sunny beach of your choice. 

- Due to Different Times (시간이 달라서)

The beginning of this song sounds a bit like "Know Your Name (Acoustic) by Jay Park. When I have my music on shuffle I can't tell which song it is at first, but after a few seconds the difference is obvious. (Just the general sound/vibe is similar is mainly what I mean.) Anyways, this is a bit softer and has the usual Standing Egg style. There's something very soothing about the simple combination of a guitar and the singers voice. I also love it when you can hear the guitarists fingers slide across the strings between bars, it gives it a homey and live feeling. The harmonies during the Chorus are really well done, and also the occasional use of the chimes. Even though it's so complex, it still has a simple sound to it. Overall it's a great song and works wonderfully with the rest of the album. 

- Lemon Pie

This is my favorite song from the album! It just exudes Spring and Summer (and helps warm me up a bit since it's still cold where I am). The chorus of, "Yellow Lemon Pie" is really catchy and I've started singing it around the house a lot lately. I think that it's mainly the lyrics, and the fact that I'm a big fan of Lemon Pie, that I like this song so much. It has a similar sound to Miss Flower and their song Aloha, with the main instruments being a Ukulele and a Maraca (Or at least something related to one). It's a great song to sing along with, and it feels like it was made to sing together with your friends. The ending is also really well done, with the way that the instruments fade out and you're only left with a voice to finish things up. It's very bright, fun, and breezy sounding and is definitely on my playlist for the next few months!

- Always (항상 난 그래)

You can't have an album without a sweet love song, and this definitely fills those shoes. The vocals sound softer and very emotional, just like a person in love. Of course, that's the best type of tone to have for a love song like this. The lyrics are written like a letter to the person, a confession that has never been given to the person. Part of the Chorus is, "My desire to everything for you is beyond myself. I have always loved you like this" The rest of the lyrics are similar, that they want to do different things even though they don't have the skills, but they still want to because it'll make the other person happy. It's very shy and genuine, and the singer did such a great job conveying that in his voice. The music sounds like a coffee shop set up, with an Acoustic Guitar and a Djembe, and a Tambourine, and that's pretty much it. It's simple and relaxing, and you feel like you're there with them. 

- Know You Could Hear (너는 알고 있을까)

The album ends with a slower song with a melancholy feeling. It's a bit like a lullaby in terms of the instrumentals, it sounds very gentle and calm. I like it when an album ends on a low tempo song, it's a bit like a fade out for everything you've heard so far. The song is about a past love that he can't forget, even though he's trying. Most of the lines begin with "Because", as he explains the reasons why he feels this way. It also has a line about Winter passing and it already being Spring. The song really does sound like the seasonal transition from Winter to Spring, and you already know how much I like the Spring theme! Overall it's a beautiful, simple, and soothing song, even with the sad lyrics. It's a great song by the group, and ending for the album. 

That's all folks! Standing Egg's latest album, Ambler! It's a great seasonal album and I've already been playing it daily. If you've never heard of the group, I'd suggest looking into some of their past albums. Most of their music is seasonal and perfect for your Morning Coffee/Tea. Especially look at the past albums because, unfortunately, their album is not on iTunes at the moment (at least while I'm publishing this). Also, make sure to go to their YouTube channel to listen to their music, since they put it up free for the fans. The Instrumental versions are especially good, I personally love listening to the pure instruments. You can also buy the physical album from Yes Asia for around $13 Here, or at your favorite music store if they have it. If you've already listened to it, feel free to tell me what you thought in the comments!
I hope you get a chance to enjoy this album, and your Spring! And that you like the music as much as I do! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole, 

(p.s. I haven't been doing cosmetics reviews lately because my skin has been acting up, and I want to make sure I can get accurate results for the reviews. Hopefully I can continue soon!)