Music Review: LUNAFLY "How Nice Would it Be?"

In my post about my favorite album and releases from September, I mentioned this band. I loved their sound and found it crazy that they were a new group. They put out their first Mini Album recently, and have had a growing audience in many countries ever since. I was really impressed and knew that I had to include them in my music reviews. Since they are new, there's not too much to say about the band itself, but I still want to write a short post about them.

LUNAFLY's How Nice Would it Be, released September 27th 2012! 

Even though this band released their first songs this year, they already have a following after a few months. You can tell a band is talented when they have fans only a short while after their first tracks and videos. Acoustic music is growing in popularity again this year, and it makes me so happy! This band is made up of three members, which all contribute to the vocals and music. Sam Carter is the leader of the band, vocalist, guitarist, and composer. Next is Shin Tae Ho or Teo, who is also a composer, pianist, bassist, and plays the Djembe/Percussion. Finally there's Hun Seung Yun or just plain Yun, who composes as well and is the second guitarist. Bands that compose their own songs and lyrics get a lot of respect from me, and it also shows a lot of unity with the members. They debuted under Nega Network, and are bi-lingual and multicultural, as the leader Sam is British-Korean. Because of this, they were able to release song in both English and Korean for their debut! The company wanted to start a band that wrote, composed, and performed completely original works that they made. Each member sings, and the spotlight isn't really on one person, even though there is a technical leader (who is the oldest in the group). There is a real sense of unity and friendship, that comes through their music, which takes it to another level of enjoyment. You can find their official YouTube Here, official Facebook Here, and official Twitter Here

The album itself is short, only containing three songs, yet is well balanced and feels complete. It's done acoustically with stand out vocals and lyrics. They have a really full sound, even though there are only three members in the band, and they pack a lot of talent in a short CD. I also love the album art, it's simple and funky and their logo is really interesting and recognizable. Each member sounds like a professional, and they are all on the same level vocally. The album has a really casual feeling, like a coffee shop or going for a drive, which suits the new fall season. The biggest stand out though is their singing, I think every comment I have read mentioned how much people love their voices! And I am on the same boat, so to speak, because that's the same reason that I bought this album immediately upon hearing it. 

-How Nice Would it Be (얼마나 좋을까) / Superhero 

This song title is a bit confusing. They released the same song in English and Korean, but they had different song titles lyrics, while the instrumentals and music videos are the same. You can watch the Official Korean MV Here, and the Official English one Here. The MV starts out with their silhouettes and them all saying the band name. After that, the needle goes onto the record and the song starts. It's a simple studio video, where you get to match the voices to the face and watch them play. It's simple, but I love it's simplicity. You can see how well they get along from it, and it has some playfulness to it even though it's a serious song. The lyrics for How Nice Would it Be are imagining what life would be like if he was able to be with the person that he is in love with, and how nice it would be. Eating lunch together, walking her home, traveling and watching the sunset, all of the things you picture yourself doing with that person. The chorus is "I want to fly away, I want to be with you". It's a cute song, that's also a bit sad because it's not how it really is. It's a beautiful love song. Superhero, on the other hand, is a completely sad song that is about breaking up. It's about being sorry for the way you treated someone and regretting it now that the relationship  is over, and now you want to be the superhero and save them. They both are beautiful with different meanings, and somehow the music suits them both. 

The song is gorgeous and I love it's composition. Each voice has it's own unique twang to it. Sam's has a rasp to it that is crucial to making great acoustic music, Yun's voice is strong yet controlled, and Teo's is high and balanced. Each one adds so much depth to the song and the overall sound is perfect. While I love them individually, I also love the harmonies. There are subtle harmonies throughout the entire song, and they get stronger during the chorus and bridge. If you take the technicality out of it, they just sound great. There's something about their soothing voices that makes you want to repeat the song over and over, learn the lyrics, and attempt to sing along. The music for it (both versions) is wonderful, the sound of the snaps with the guitars is one thing, but I have an obsession with Djembes and when I saw Teo playing one in this song I got very excited! There are a lot of subtle percussion sounds throughout the song, and I love the sound of two guitars playing at the same time. I love the bridge when it gets quieter, and that powerful voice breaks through, and the high notes are done so well, showing off so much control and vocal range. Overall the song sounds like there are four or five people playing instead of three, and the vocals intermingle so well together that I think they were paired together perfectly. 

- What's Your Name? (니 이름이 뭐니?)

The next song is all about playfulness and love, without any sad underlines. It's almost like a play by play from a romantic movie. He is waiting for the train to come, and a girl catches his eye. He is nervous and shy, and doesn't want to come off as a player, but he really wants to know more about her and learn her name. My favorite part of the lyrics has to be, "Hello, hello, we could travel together." It makes perfect sense and is really fun to sing along to. It's a really sweet song and it has that curiosity in it, without sounding too creepy or stalker-ish. 

I love the little use of effects throughout this song. They use one that sounds like a telephone or radio voice, and I like the addition of the whistling as well. They also use a girl voice saying hello back in the second verse, which was a cute extra. I also like the parts where the other members softly sing the the main line, and the other vocalist sings "what's your name?" It was a creative way to be able to fit all of that talking into on line. Near the end it skips a bit before coming to a close. The effects were well done, they added to the song instead of taking away from it. While they usually do more acoustic music, this one uses electric guitars, etc. and has more of a classic pop-rock feeling to it. I like the addition of the more upbeat, rock, song to the album, and it's good to see the band in a slightly different element. You can tell that it's a love song from the vocals alone because they express the emotion of the song so well. It sounds like a nervous person trying to convince their self to talk to that person, and what they want to say, being infatuated yet still cautious. The different vocals and harmonies throughout the song are great, and the parts where you can hear how complex the music is with all the subtle instruments throughout it. 

- One More Step

This song sound a bit like ones by Jason Mraz, and other current Jazzy musicians, but also has a Reggae feeling to it. The guitars sound like Jazz-Pop, the percussion leans more to a tropical Reggae feeling. There's light scatting in the beginning with the guitar picking along, and the other instruments some in. The whole songs builds as time goes by, it starts off with one vocalist and end with a whole crowd singing along. It has a fun, outdoors, concert vibe to it that I really like to hear on albums, when done correctly. Most of the song is in English, and the lyrics are a love song talking about the different things that they do together. It's almost like a fulfillment of the wishes of the past two songs, so it's a great final song for the album. Out of all the songs on the album, I probably sing this song around the house the most. I really love the Rap-type sequences that Sam does, that adds a lot to the track. I feel almost like I'm at a beach party during the summer when I listen to this. It would probably be a great song to see performed live, with the whole audience singing along. Near the end the different singers start overlapping each other, which was a cool addition to give it more depth. It ends abruptly, and the album is over with that. 

BONUS - You Got That Something That I Need

Since they only have five songs out, I want to write a bit about their other English song from their Single Album. It's a great love song about how no other girl can catch their eye because only that girl has that something that they need. She doesn't need to feel like other girls, blend in, put on a lot of makeup, or anything else because she is beautiful and special just as she is. It's a cute song that completely in English and the music for it it simple. While I like it, I don't love it as much as their other songs, but I thought it was worth mentioning. 

That's it! While is was short, it was also sweet. The music is great and speaks for itself, and the friendship and emotions of the members show in every song. Since they are the complete package, writing, composing, and performing everything on their own, they have a connection to every song they put out there. I will be keeping a close eye on them in the future, and am already anticipating their next album! You can buy any of their songs digitally on iTunes, from this album or from their single. For all of their current music it would be about $5, for their mini album it's only $3 (being a dollar each and all, it's pretty simple). Make sure when you are buying music that it's this LUNAFLY, not the explicit contemporary music Lunafly. Unfortunately, they currently don't have the physical album out, so iTunes is your only source for their music. It's definitely worth checking out, and I believe buying as well. Let me know what you thought of their music!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,