Product Review: Tonymoly Pokemon Collection


(Above: One of the first ads on the street that I saw for this new line)

After the insane craze that was Pokemon Go, Tonymoly released all kinds of Pokemon products one after another. From hand creams to face masks and compacts, you can find almost any kind of skincare product with a Pokemon on it now. When they first came out I bought a few things during a sale, and more has come out since. Personally, I was really excited when I first saw these things for sale! And now that I had some free time to write about them I decided to do a bunch of the things that I bought at once. 

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Brand: Tonymoly 

Products: Hand Cream, Moisture Foam Cleanser, Pore Foam Cleanser, Butter Nutrition Cream 

Expiration: 12 Months  

Price: Approx. $3 ~ $15

I bought most of these on sale since in Korea Tonymoly is usually having a sale of some sort that's either 50% off or buy one get one free (2 for 1 sale). Because of how cute the packaging is and the constant sales I bought quite a few things from the store, and went back several times. Besides what I bought, they also have Lip TintBB Cream PactsColor MascaraBlushBody WashBody LotionLip Care SticksNail PolishNose Strips, and a Nose Mask. (Honestly, it's tempting to own all of these things since I love Pokemon and beauty products so much...) Pikachu (피카츄) is the most popular (of course) and is usually has honey extract in the product, Charmander (파이리) usually has citrus, and Bulbasaur (이상해씨) usually has floral extracts.

The hand creams come in different scents and the ones that i tried were the Pikachu Vanilla and Snorlax (잠만보) Lavender. When I bought them I didn't pay much attention to the scent because I was mainly buying them based on the packaging. (I bought a couple others as well but gave them away to friends as a gift, since they were buy one get one free.) 

The smell isn't very strong if you just smell it while it's still in the tube, but once it warms up in your hands it has a pretty strong scent for a few seconds. The cap goes on and off cleanly and you only need to use a small amount each time you use the hand cream. It doesn't leave a oily residue but it also is a very light lotion and doesn't keep your hands soft for a long time. 

Overall, I think these hand creams are good for fast relief when your hands are dry, but they don't do a very good job of deeply moisturizing or making it last for a while. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 


There are 4 to choose from, so I chose the moisturizing and pore cleansing ones because of my skin type. (I really wanted the Charmander one because that's my favorite Pokemon, but that one is formulated for oily skin.) The Pikachu one has olive oil and lime extracts, and the Bulbasaur has oleracea cabbage extract and a floral fragrance. Neither of them have a very strong scent, however the Pore one does have a stronger scent than the Moisture one. 

Both of them foam up well and last a long time because you only need about a fingernails worth the wash your face. I like to use the moisture cleanser in the morning so that my skin is soft before applying makeup, and I use the pore cleanser at night to make sure I get all of my makeup off. The Pore cleanser makes me feel really clean and my skin feels a bit tight afterwards. The Moisture cleanser doesn't make my skin dry out like others have in the past and feels a bit more creamy than the other one. 

There are no abrasive elements to either of these cleansers so I do have to use scrubs in between because of my dry skin patches on my face. I didn't have any bad reactions to these even though I have sensitive skin, and they feel light and soft on the skin. The packaging is also done well and the cap seals tightly and the product squeezes out easily, and since the hole is pretty small I don't have to worry about bacteria getting in. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 

There are also 4 kinds of cream in this line; Squirtle (꼬부기) Water Moisture Cream, Pikachu Honey Moisture Cream, Psyduck(고라파덕) Cheese Firming Cream, and the one that I own which is the Meowth (나옹) Butter Nutrition Cream. Out of all the things that I bought I think I'm the happiest with this one. I chose this cream (even though I like Squirtle more) because it has avocado oil, mango seed butter, and raw shea butter, which all do wonders for the skin and are loaded with vitamins. Right now the weather is really dry because of winter, so I wanted to buy something that would keep my skin soft and get rid of all those itchy dry patches you can get when it's windy and cold out. I use this on my face mainly, after my usual skin care routine, but I also will use it on my elbows, hands, behind my neck, etc. when needed. The only downside is that it's in a tub, so you have to be careful not to allow bacteria to grow inside and make sure that you screw the lid on tight. I only take some out when my hands are clean and try not to "double dip". 

The best thing about this is probably the smell, because it smells like vanilla frosting, and the texture when you first take some out also feels a bit like buttercream frosting. It's really soothing beginning and ending your day with such a nice scent, although it does make me crave cake sometimes. 

You only need a very small amount of this because it is so rich and thick, and after it warms up in your hand it will spread easily. I'm really curious to try the other kinds but this tub will last a long time so there's no need for my to buy another for a while. I also didn't have any bad reactions to it and it doesn't clog up my pores or anything. 

Overall, I would recommend this product the most because of the scent and how often I use it, along with how long it will last.  

Rating: 5 out of 5 

The new Pokemon line has more than just adorable packaging design, but they are also good quality products in my opinion. I didn't buy much from Tonymoly until recently, however now that I enjoyed so many of the things that they sell I think I will frequent their stores more often now.

If you tried any of these products yourself, or others in the Pokemon line, let me know in the comments down below! It's always great to hear about how products worked for others as well and the best way to know about the best products is to talk to others.

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole,


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