Product Review: Skin Food "Gold Caviar Collagen Cream"

I'm always really happy when I get samples with my orders, it's one of the best perks of ordering Korean beauty products. It's especially nice when you get samples for products that you probably would splurge on usually, and you get to try them for free instead! Just by reading the name of this product, I knew it was probably a pricy item, so I was happy to try out the sample. Since I only got the small size of this one, and I still wanted to write about it, this will be a pretty short review. (Also, because it's made from Collagen and Caviar, this cream isn't for everyone, since some people are opposed to the use of both.)

Skin Food's Gold Caviar Collagen Cream 
(4 out of 5) 

Even though this is just a sample pack, I was able to use it twice when trying it out. Although the packaging I have is for the sample, the actual packaging for the full product looks really fancy and glamourous! It comes in a bronze gradient looking container, with gold detailing on the lid, and the Skin Food Cherub-like Angel logo on it (that's supposed to be Guardian Angel for your skin). While the packaging is pretty alluring, most people don't like to use pots for skin products because of bacteria, so if that kind of thing bothers you it may be best to find a different firming cream. This is just one of the products from Skin Food's Gold Caviar Line, there are also serums, toners, masks, BB Creams, etc.

The cream itself is pretty thick, and has a pure white color to it. It also has a very light floral type scent to it that's not too overwhelming and doesn't bother my sensitive skin. Although it's a thicker cream it spreads easily. It has a type of indulgent feeling while you put it on because of the creamy texture that it has. One thing I did notice though is that it's best to use this after your moisturizer, instead of replacing it. While it is creamy and moisturizing, my skin still looked dry after using it, but it didn't when I used it after my usual face lotion. You can use your toner and serum, then use this cream, for the best results. The cream is made with extracts from Russian Caviar and Collagen, as well as flecks of real gold! Each extract is made to help firm your skin, and tighten any wrinkles or "soft spots" on your face. Caviar is a high source of Vitamin B-12, and collagen is known for tightening up your skin (and can also contain Vitamin C). I wouldn't be afraid of the use of collagen in this product, because you're not getting a shot of it but applying a small about to the outside of your skin.

I think that this cream gives really great results! I only used it once and my skin felt softer and firmer when I woke up the next morning! Other people who have reviewed this felt the same way, that it gives instant results. If your skin needs a kind of boost to energize and firm it up a bit, this is a great way to do so. Although it didn't totally moisturize my skin on it's own (though I do live in a pretty dry climate), I think that the results would get even better as you use it over time. I would say it's definitely worth trying out! I got mine as a sample pack with a previous order from Cosmetic Love, and you can order a jar of it from them Here for about $27 (or from your preferred store). You don't need to use too much of the cream at a time, and it's probably best that you only apply it once at night (otherwise is could clog your pores and cause break outs), so it will last you a while. If you've already tried this out yourself, let me know what you thought of it!

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