Product Review: Skin Food "Royal Honey Eye Cream"

Considering how much time I spend on the computer writing, and the lack of sleep that I tend to get, I was pretty thrilled to get an Eye Cream Sample with one of my orders. While most samples only last one or two nights, this one lasted me about five because it's specifically for under your eyes, which is a pretty small space. Because there really isn't too much to this product, I'll make it short and sweet! (...Since it's honey... Ahem...)

Skin Food's Royal Honey Eye Cream
~3 out of 5~ 

The packaging for the sample is pretty cute, the Honey Pot shape with the Bee reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. I also like the packaging of the full sized product, which is a 30 ml tube with brown and yellow stripes, mimicking a Bee's coloring, with a Gold Bumble Bee icon and a similar tag. I think that the right packaging is important for any product, and I really like the design of this one. Also, since it's a kind of tube, that makes it easier to apply and there's less of a chance for germs to get inside. This is just one of the products from Skin Food's Honey line, there are also toners, serums, masks, etc.

The cream is made with Royal Jelly and Black Honey, which are both made by Bees and have a high amount of Vitamins, Minerals, and Anti-bacterical qualities! In fact, Honey is used a lot in skin care products because of this. Royal Jelly is also believed to have natural Anti-aging effects on you skin as well, making this a very nutritious eye cream. The cream has a similar texture to Tonymoly's Appletox Honey Cream, which makes sense, it's creamy and has the same type of texture that Honey does without the stickiness. It doesn't have a very strong smell, it only has a very faint floral scent, and since you use it on your eyes you don't really notice. The overall consistency is good, and it spreads easily on your skin and doesn't tug at all.

Overall, it's a pretty good product when it comes to what it uses, the containers, and the feel of it. As far as results go, I wasn't very satisfied. The skin under my eyes did feel softer after only one use, but that was pretty much that best that it did. I didn't see any improvement in wrinkles, color, or texture under my eyes, they simply felt softer. On top of that, I started to break out in the skin directly under my eyes once I started using the cream, and it stopped when I didn't apply it anymore. If I applied it too low, I would get pimples on my cheek bones, and if I went anywhere too close to my eyes they would get irritated. I didn't stick the cream in my eyes at all, in fact I made sure to keep clear of my eyes just in case, but I still had irritation for a few minutes before it faded away. The perks of using the cream, at least personally, weren't great enough for to side effects of the breakouts and dealing with irritation. I didn't dock it too many points because they did well in the other categories, and did make my eyes softer. Plus the effects may work better with other people, but for my skin it didn't do much good.

I got this as a free sample, and you can find the full sized version online on Amazon or Ebay for about $15-$20. It will last you a while, so if you like it the full sized version is worth it. Feel free to try this one out if your skin isn't prone to breakouts or clogging, I have pretty sensitive skin so this type of reaction happens sometimes. If you have tried this out yourself let me know what you thought of it in the comments! I hope that it worked better for other people than it did for me, but for now I'll continue to look for an even better eye cream.

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,