Music Review: CNBLUE - Ear Fun

One of my favorite Korean bands has to be CNBLUE (Code Name BLUE). When watching the drama "You're Beautiful" I looked up the actors to see if they were also musicians. It's because of looking up the members of CNBLUE and FT Island that I am listening to K-Pop now! Those bands led me to several others, to K-Pop review sites, and a whole new favorite kind of music!

CNBLUE - Ear Fun

CNBLUE is one of the bands that has a very distinct sound. A lot of Pop bands get different composers for their bands, so their songs vary, but since CNBLUE is more of a Band they have a certain sound to their music. Once you have heard a couple tracks, you will be able to recognize them on the radio, etc. instantly! The sound of the band reminds me of old rock and roll, like the Beatles, mixed with a more pop sound for the vocals. I love that sound!

The Mini Album that they released recently is pretty much my new favorite CD, right above Alive by Big Bang. I could loop this CD for hours because I like it so much, which says a lot for a person with a short attention span like myself!

It's named "Ear Fun" and it really is! The music is fun and is a great background track for your day! A lot of "Pop Bands" have that modern, Auto-tuned, kind of sound. So this was really refreshing and had a "Classic" vibe to it! I get excited just writing about this one!! They also have improved their English over the years, and so the phrases in the songs are pretty good!

I got this album in a package deal from Kpop Plus, and the marketing on this one is great, just like the others! (I have not seen it on iTunes yet.)
It came with a poster, socks, and the CD which has a photo book inside of it.

This one came with member socks (1 of 4 kinds)! These have to be my favorite K-Pop socks yet! Each member has a little animal beanie and they are so fun and adorable! Plus, the ones I have aren't white, which means variety and that they don't show the stains from dirt etc. very much.

As for the album casing, this one is really dope!

It's made like a hard cover book, and on the outside is a type of mesh to mimic speakers. The whole concept for it is speakers, and this really does look like one!

You open of the hard cover case and the Photo Book cover is under that, it's just another layer of protection for the goods. I love having my photo books and CDs protected by something sturdy like this! (South Korean Marketing for the win!)

But we aren't finished yet! The Photo Book flips over, and you can look though it like a regular "American Book" (left to right). Then, you can see the CD! Tho whole album if black and white, very sleek, and the CD has white speakers all over it, to keep with the theme. (And the CD can be taken out easily, yes!)

The photo book has individual shots of each member, as well as a lot of band shots. There are quite a few pictures, and it's really good quality Photo Paper. Since they focus on being musicians, most of the band shots are with instruments and, of course, more speakers!

Finally, we have the poster! This one is more of a "Medium Size", and that was perfect for me! It fit right in the spot on my wall, and I was so afraid that it would be too big to fit! I really like smaller posters like this, I mean, my room isn't a movie theatre right?

Onto the music, the most important part!

First I'll say that they have appeared on many live shows with the songs from this album, and so far have 2 MVs out (Hey You & Still in Love). They are pretty basic Concert and Studio Music Videos, nothing too fancy. Now, onto the tracks!

- Hey You 

This is the opening track and main song for the Album. Out of all of them this one is the most "Pop", but it still is pretty intricate when is comes to the music and overall sound. There are a lot of different changes in the instrumentals that blend really well with each other. You get a feel for the band and what the CD will be like from this song. There is some scattered "scatting" in the song, harmonies with the bands, lead vocal changes, and the different guitars and the bass riffs make it really interesting to me and show off their abilities! This is the more head-bobbing and foot-tapping kind of song on the album, and one of my favorites!

- Still in Love 

This one is my personal favorite! The kind of "scatting" to start is off, and the fade in, made me love this song instantly. Out of all of the, I am tempted to sing along with this one the most. The Guitar solo in the middle is really great as well! (I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the band in general is when they let each singer and each musician shine in their music! The interchanging vocals and harmonies are really great, and I like them in every track!) Overall, this track gives me a nice "Classic" feeling, and brightens up my day!

- Dream Boy

This song starts off mellow and acoustic, and picks up, and then changes between the two. The "Woah"s in this one are really nice as well. I guess I would call the sound of this "casual". It's a bit mellow, but at times up beat, and has different Guitar solos in it as well. I also love the higher vocals in this track.

- Rock 'n Roll

My goodness, do I like this song! This is a great riding in the car, or dancing in your room, kind of song! The beginning really drew me in (Cowbells!), and the vibe is super energetic. It really does song like "Rock 'n Roll" and is my favorite track when it comes to the music and tempo. If you aren't really into Pop, this album in general, but also this song would be good for you! It reminds me of the music that I listened to growing up in the 90's and 2000's, in a good way! I missed this kind or Rock music, and I'm glad to have some back!

- Run

The whisper kind of tone and building Drums and Bass in this song are fantastic! Sure, it's not my favorite (not every song can be, technically), but I still really like this song and will listen to it on repeat at times. It may sound silly, but this song really does make me feel like running! Like a full on, slow-motion, sprint though a park of field! I don't know how they were able to make this music sound so much like running, but they did!

- In My Head

This one has a really cool echo and static kind of effect on it. The contrasting vocals are great, and this one is probably the more "edgy" of their songs. I mean, it's just so cool sounding! There is a lot of background harmonies throughout the song, and a constant kind of beat. I think that when it came to the overall edit, this one got the most of it, in a great way! You really get to hear the singers and musicians talent in this one, more than the others. The building effect and the sharp music cut offs make this song addicting.

So, that is the CD. This Mini Album has a good amount of tracks, especially compared to other bands, and is the best band to listen to if you are a musician.
I absolutely love this band, from LOVE Girl, to I'm a Loner, all the way to the album Ear Fun!

I highly suggest this Album, and you can even go to YouTube and listen to these tracks and hear them for yourself. I hope you enjoy it!

-See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,