Product Review: Innisfree "Almond Vital Essential E Mask"

Stress is pretty much the the largest cause on pimples and breakouts, regardless of age or gender. I've been trying out the Innisfree Essential mask line lately, and I think that they are the perfect thing to always keep on hand for a stressful day to calm you down and hydrate your skin. I've tried a few so far, such as Mugwort, Pine, and Cabbage. These masks help when your skin is tired or dull to give it a boost and leave your face feeling healthy again! Today I tried the Almond version, so let's get on to the review!

Innisfree - Almond Natural Essential E Mask

(4.5 out of 5) 

Almonds are not only delicious, but very good for you as well! They are very rich in Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties to it, as well as the essential oils and minerals! There is also Vitamin B and Fiber, etc. If you aren't allergic, eating a handful of nuts every day is a good habit to develop (in fact, why not eat some while wearing this mask?). It will help with your overall health, and will also help improve and nourish your skin. If it's good for the inside, it's usually good for the inside as well, right? So of course almond would be used in Korean skin care in facial masks, scrubs, as well as bb creams and moisturizers. I am a huge fan of almonds (my favorite scent is Almond Extract) so I was excited when this pack came in a package from Cosmetic Love as a sample.

Remember to glide your finger across the top before you open this, so that there aren't any spills. Careful take it out, making sure that the mask doesn't tear, and unfold it. This is best used after you take a shower or wash your face, so that your face is clean and damp. You can take the excess and use it on your face before laying the mask on top, making sure that you don't waste any of it. After you line it up with your face and pat it in place you can spread what's on your fingers on your nose or under your chin, like I do, since the mask doesn't reach those places as well as the rest. Once it's in place you can leave it on for about 10-60 minutes, but there shouldn't be anything wrong with having it on a bit longer. If you only leave it on for a short amount of time I find it to be a waste, it should have a bit of time to sit.

This mask had a creamier texture to it, which I liked a lot.The smell is very nice, and also pretty light. (This is made from the nuts, not the fruit or blossoms, so it's not a strong smell. Though I wish that the smell was more like almond extract...) The sheet itself was fairly thick and heavier than others I have used, which made it more difficult to spread out. It's much better to do this at a time when you aren't moving around too much, like watching TV or just laying down to clear your head. It didn't drip and wasn't messy, like the Pine one, the liquid had the right texture, and the amount in the package was just right. I left mine on between 40-60 minutes, and that seemed just about right. The reason that I leave it on for a while is because the point of sheet masks is that the block out air from your face while the liquid soaks into your skin. It's sort of like putting cream on and then covering it, like with socks for your feet, it gives it more time to soak in without drying out.

After taking this off you can rub the left over serum into your skin, I wet my finger tips to smooth it out better, and let it soak in. I have sensitive skin that breaks out from creams easily, and I was able to do this. The mask made my skin softer, but not dramatically. I didn't see any whitening effect from it, but my skin did seem to even out better. The biggest difference that I saw was that my skin had a dewy gleam to it afterwards. It looks like the mask is this on, but it's completely dry, and I like the highlighted complexion better than a matte one (I have even since I started using Korean products). My skin was also nice and cool in the hot weather from using it, which is a nice bonus!

Overall, I like this mask! It works fairly well, and was comfortable to wear for a while without any stinging or being too cold. The downsides are that it's thicker, making it hard to spread out, and parts of it did dry out on the surface when I used it, I prefer for the mask to stay moist while I use it. The effects weren't dramatic, I didn't look in the mirror and go, "Wow! Look at that amazing skin!", but my skin feels more comfortable and healthy. I think the Almond version is a keeper for me! It seems like overtime it will work better, so buying them in a pack would be good.

I got this as a sample, and they don't carry it in stock anymore it seems. It is pretty hard to find this online, so if you manage to get one it's a lucky find! I did find a pack of 10 on Yes Style for about $30, if you want to make the investment check it out! I would keep at least one around for skin emergencies. If I see it for less money, or I suddenly am wealthier than I currently am, I will definitely buy some more.

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