Product Review: Coastal Scents

It's been a while since I've done a review on a website! I wanted to write about my experience with Coastal Scents, the online cosmetics store! I bought two palettes, go pods, and nail polish from the site and wanted to do a group review on the quality of their products, shipping, and prices. Finding good places to shop online can be difficult, and I've had my share of bad experiences, so whenever I find a place that is honest, and sends me what I pay for, I want to tell others about it. On to the review!

Coastal Scents - Online Makeup Website

First, I want to say that I am not being paid to endorse this company at all, I'm merely writing about a great website for your enjoyment, so I'm being 100% honest in this article. I usually review Korean cosmetics, but I wanted to talk about this company even though it's not a Korean brand. A lot of people around the web use this brand, so I've always been curious to try it out. They have all of the makeup essentials on the site, as well as nail polish, brushes, and bath and body products. There really is something for everyone, from make your own sets, mineral makeup, and put together sets. I spent a good couple of hours the first time that I got on the site, and I'm still looking through what they have. Since they have so many products, it's going to take some time to get through everything, so I'm going to try to make each section brief. I've only tried a few of the products, so I can't offer personal experience on all of them, but just what I've observed. So I'm going to start with the palettes, since that's the order of the tabs on the website.


First and foremost is the biggest seller, Eye Palettes. The biggest palette that they have is the 252 Color Palette, which is three palettes that stack up in the case. Pretty much any shade and any color that you want will be in this palette. They are really good about keeping things compact, which is why these stack so that it's not a really large palette. The thing with this one is that the pods are really small, so even though there are a lot of colors, there aren't much of them. If you use one color a lot, you will run out of it quickly. (If you only like one or two you want Go Pods, I'll get to those later.) The best time to buy this one is when it's on sale, otherwise it's about $40, that's a good deal but I prefer to wait for an even better one. I don't own this palette, but it's my goal to own it someday! If you really like being creative, and need lots of options for your eye shadow, this palette it wonderful.

The next palettes are the 88 Palettes, these come in all varieties. There is the Prism Palette, which has the lighter and brighter shades that they offer. There is still variety, but the color range is brighter than the other palettes. The next is the Mirage Palette, which has fall colors, but they are all jewel toned instead of matte. If you really like jewel tones, but want something with a bit more variety, there's the Metal Mania Palette, which has more pink tones in it. The other one is the Warm Palette, which has the more natural, fall, tones that are matte, most of the colors in it are skin toned of brown. There's also the Ultra Shimmer Palette, which has a rainbow of colors in different shades, and they are all super sparkly. If you need shimmer for your eye shadow, then this is a great palette for you. The final one is the one that I have, which is the Original Palette, it has tons of colors in different shades, and they are all matte. I got this one because I knew I could add shimmer with something else if I wanted it, and I'm not always in the mood to have really bold eyes. These all come with 88 small pods of colors, and they are about $20 regularly, unless you buy them on sale. The only problem is that the sponges that it comes with get shadow all over them when you close it, unless you constantly keep the plastic sheet on it. I tend to use separate brushes anyways, but I wish they would have spaced it enough that it wouldn't be an issue.

The other palette that I bought was one of the Go Palettes, which also give you a lot of options. There are (currently) 7 different Go Palettes which are colors that represent the different cities from around the world. I love this concept of taking inspiration from various countries to make a portable palette. Not only are they great for traveling with, because they are small and portable, but the concept is also based off of traveling. First is Nuuk, Greenland. This one has really light, shimmery, colors in it, which are on the white-peach side. The Paris, France palette has very deep colors, in the purple hues, for a more daring look. Wearing such dark shades fits perfectly in the fashion setting of Paris. The other one is Cairo, Egypt which has nuteral-sandy tones. There are light brown colors, along with grays and blacks. I know that my sister loves these kinds of colors, and was really close to buying this one. On the opposite side of colors is the Sydney, Australia palette! This one is inspired by bright Aussie life, and has neon colors in it. The Moscow, Russia version is all about rustic colors, which fit this European country really well. While it looks similar to the Moscow Palette, the London, England palette has it's differences. This one has both jewel and matte tones in it. While there are a couple neutrals, most of the colors in this palette are shades of blue and purple. Finally, the palette that I have is the Beijing, China one! This one was good for my blue eyes, since I love peachy tones. Some of them are darker, like the purple tones, and some dark chocolate ones, which balances it out. These ones are also shimmery shades, and I keep it in my purse just in case. Each one comes with 12 pods, and they are slightly larger than the ones in the 88 and 252 palettes. I love the rounded design of these ones, and how each one has the city starred on the box. These are regularly around $9 each, or $64 for all of them, and these also go on sale a lot (I bought mine for about $4-$5).

There are a lot of other eye palettes as well. They have other ones that have 12 colors, in Creative Me, Winterberry, Fall Festival, and many others, but are $15 because the pods are much larger, and these come in a lot of different tones. There's also a 42 Double Stack Palette, with both shadows and 10 Blush colors, in a compact rectangle shape, in both Matte and Shimmer for $25. There's a 72 Shadow Blush Palette, and a 56 Shadow Blush Palette, for $20. These are about the same size as the 88 one, but the arrangement is different, and the shadows are larger. All of that is just what they have for eye shadow palettes, that are pre-made, and I didn't even cover them all. There is also a Brow Palette, to style your eye brows with, for around $14.

There are also Face Palettes, which are for contour and blush. These come in all sizes and colors, so you can pick from any of them. I currently don't own any of these palettes, so I can only list what they have. The Double Stack and, 72, and 56 Palettes count for these, because they have both Blush and Shadows. The Eclipse Palette has 15 different cream based concealers, from bruises to dark circle under your eyes. This is one for more experienced people, since you need to know how to use them and blend each one properly. The Camouflage Palette is similar, though it only has 10 colors in it, and doesn't have the green, pink, and yellow toned concealers in it for things like bruising. Both of them are around $15. As for blush, there is the Contour Blush Palette, which has colors for blush, bronzing, and adding contour to your face. This one would be really useful for a person who pays attention to their skin, more than other areas for the face. The pots in it are fairly large, and there are 6 of them, for around $20. There is also a 26 Shadow Blush Palette, with the basic smokey eye colors for your eyes, as well as different shades of blush, for $20. Finally, there is the 10 Blush Palette, which has 10 shades of powder blush in large pots, for around $15. This is a good one to get so you can play with the blush, and add more color to your face daily.

For Lips there are 4 different Lip Quads, from neutrals to reds, which come with a mirror on the lid and a lip brush. There is also the 33 Lip Palette and the 66 Lip Palette, both are around $20 since there are less of each color in the 66 one, and you can have pretty much any lip color imaginable from these! You can also get the Lip Quad Set, which will get you all four of the $7 small sets for $30.

While that sounds like a lot, it's just the tip of the iceberg! My favorite thing about this website are the Custom Palettes! You can buy an empty palette in either a Go Pod, which holds your one favorite color, the 4 Piece which comes with a mirror and applicator, the 12 Piece which comes with a mirror, or the 28 Piece Palette. These are empty, magnetic, reusable palettes that you can choose any colors you want for! First, you pick what size you want it to be. I have a Go Pod myself, and my sister bought the 4 piece palette for herself. Next, you pick from the hundreds of color pods that they offer, which are about $2 or less per pod. When you get them you just put it all together, and you can make any palette you want. These are the same quality as the palettes that they put together, the only difference is that you get to choose the colors yourself. You can pick them out By Color and Finish, or pick from the 252 Ultimate Palette Colors. I spend a few hours picking out a couple colors for myself, and I went with ones that you won't find in regular pallets a lot, like oranges, yellows, nickels, etc. If you are creative and want to just have fun with your makeup, making a custom palette can be a lot of fun! The only downside it that, even though they say magnetic, you can't really change out the colors until you run out of them. So while you can refill or change a color when you want, you can't really just change them willy-nilly every day. The pods are sturdy by their selves though, and come in sealed plastic packages, so you really could use them without a palette if you needed to.

As for the shadow quality, people have compared it to top brands like MAC. I've only owned a few palettes before these, but I have to say that they are by far the best quality that I have owned so far. The colors may be powder, but they apply smoothly, show well, and last for a long time without creasing. I can barely even wash them off at the end of the day! So, considering how low their prices are, these palettes are a really great deal in my book! I can see why so many makeup artists will use them, they're inexpensive and high quality. I would say that it's best to buy them from the website, instead of on Amazon or Ebay, since they go on sale all of the time, and you may get some perks from the company.

I'm going to try to get through the rest of their products quickly now, since the palettes are really the "highlight" of the store. They have an Eye Section, which has Eye Primers, Under Eye Brighteners, Liquid, Gel, and Pencil Liners, Mascara and False Lashes, and Glitter! I have not really tried any of these out yet, since I stick with Korean products for the most part, so I can't really go into the quality of them.

The Face Section also has a lot of things in it. There is Concealer in both palette and liquid forms, these are smaller pacts than the ones in the blush section. They also have Foundation and Pressed Powders in a variety of skin tones. Finally, there are Bronzers, and Makeup Remover.

For Lips they had the large palettes, but those aren't everyone's speed. So, they also offer Lip Pencils, and Lip Gloss tubes. I tend to stick to Korean brands for lips, especially Etude House, so I personally am not very interested in this section. I know that if I ever need a lip pencil, I would probably buy it from them though, since they seem like they have contestant quality all around.

Also, there is a Mineral Makeup section, where you can get Bronzers, Highlighters, Foundation, Eye Shadow, etc. in Mineral Makeup form. They also have a ton of Brushes, including Kabuki Brushes, set and cases of them, and they even have Brush Care, to clean your brushes with. They also have products From Africa, to help out with Project Ghana. This includes Soap, Body Butter, Oils, and Baskets. I love how they not only offer the great products, but are selling them to help out a community. You get great quality products, and they are able to make fair wages to support their families, it's a win-win situation! The other products in the Body section are the Skin Care products, with Serums, Creams, Oils, and Cleansers. These products also look good, but I haven't tried them out as of yet. They also have a range of Aromatherapy products, with Potpourri and Essential Oils. I'm not big on scents, since I have a lot of allergies, but I'm impressed that they even offer those in their shop.

In addition to the Custom Palettes that I mentioned earlier, they take it one step further. You can also order ingredients in their shop to Make Your Own skin care products! This could be a really fun activity to do with friends, family, or even by yourself as a new hobby. They have ingredients to make and press your own Makeup, Skin Care, and Bath Fizz Products! You use them to make makeup to sell, of just as a pass time to make your own unique products. If you're looking for a new hobby, I would look through this section and see what you can find to make, but be warned that you may spend hours looking through everything!

Something else that I have tried from them, which is the last thing I am going to talk about, is the Nail Section! Their Nail Polish line is called "COAT", and they currently have 27 different colors. I own about half of them, because I bought them on sale for $1 each! They are usually $2, which is a good deal as well. It's really difficult to find polish for $2 or less, especially high quality ones! They offer the Top and Base coats, and the best thing is that the base coast can also be used as a top coat to mattify the nail! This give a really unique look to your nails, because they don't look shiny at all, and this makes them stand out a lot. The base coat, for me, was a must from this website, because I'd never really seen that before. They have plenty of colors, including Space inspired ones with flecks and sparkles in them, my favorite has to be Cosmic, which is green or gold, depending on the light. There are also shades of pink, red, blue, purple, green, brown, gold, silver, white, the list goes on and on. You'll have to look at all of the coors yourself. I just have to say that I love the unique shades that they offer, they are are slightly different tones than polishes that I have seen before. I love the Cherry Blossom, Cappuccino, and Lilly Pad colors myself. The colors are great, and so is the quality. I wore the polish on my toes for over a month, and barely saw any chipping. (Just make sure to take your time when doing your nails for the best results.)

There are also Combos and Sets that you can buy, combining different packages into bundles. If you're looking to buy a lot from them, that's the best thing to do. One of the best things about the website is that they are always running some kind of sale on their products. I check their website regularly to see what kind of goodies are on discount that week, which is why it's best to wait to buy things until they go on sale. It won't be too long of a wait, since they go on sale so often. The downfall of the website, for me, has to be the shipping. You can get free shipping if you buy $50 worth of items, otherwise the shipping prices can be pretty steep. It was better for me to buy more things, than pay more for shipping than the products themselves. They also don't give free shipping to certain areas, or PO Boxes. I had to get my box sent to another house because all I have is a PO Box at home. I really dislike that part of the website, and if it wasn't for that I would be ordering from them far more often. As for the quality of the shipping, they do a really good job! The packages come on time, sometimes they came early, and they wrap everything individually so that nothing breaks. They take very good care of their products until the moment that they get to you, so I never have to worry if anything will get lost or broken during the ordering process. They also include cute little bags to hold things in, free samples of products, stickers, and company cards! Which is why it's better to order from them, and not just order their things on other sites. Overall, this is a great site to buy from! I found them to be reliable, quick, and fair priced, with great quality items! The only problem is their shipping costs and specifications, but nobody is perfect. It may not be a Korean Website, but I thought that it was worth mentioning.

If you have tried out any of their products let me know what you thought! I hope you get a chance to check them out, and that you like them as much as I do!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,