Music Review: Baek Chung Kang - All Night

As I look into Korean music, I realize how people from many different countries want to be a K-Pop star! There are Americans, Canadians, Australians, as well as people from Japan and China! I think that it gives a lot of depth to the genre, because so many people around the world love it. Today, I will be looking at the first album put out by Baek Chung Kang! He has an inspiring story, that shows through his voice. This is a review solely on his album and the artist, not on packaging or marketing.

(백청강) Baek Chung Kang's All Night, released June 26th 2012!

Although both his parents and grandparents are Korean, Baek Chung Kang was born and raised in China. At a young age his parents moved to Korea for work to be able to support him and pay for school, he stayed behind in China and missed his parents growing up. Even while he sang in China, he longed to be in Korea instead, with his parents and his heritage. He won the singing competition "MBC Star Audition" in Korea, and his dream of being a Korean singer and seeing his parents came true. He went back to school to learn more about music afterwards, and recently released his first album. He encourages everyone to chase their dreams, and inspires both Korean and Chinese  fans. 
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Baek Chung Kang amazed people with his voice as well, which has a beautiful high tone to it. I have found that a lot of Chinese singers are inclined to higher voices, which I really love! You can watch one of his performances on the competition Here. Although most people simply think of EXO-M when it comes to Chinese singers in Korea, it is really popular! Super Junior released Chinese songs, and there are many Chinese artists that are a part of Korean bands. When it comes to their music, Korea, Japan, and China seem to be connected to each other. I really love the diversity of K-Pop, and I believe many others do as well. 

The album cover is very simple and sleek, which seems to match him very well. Baek Chung Kang has a very unique face, so I think that they didn't need to "dress it up" much, and I'm glad that they didn't. 

The album is based mainly on his singing ability, and is to showcase is talent. There is a really innocent feeling to his voice, when that is mixed with the lighthearted feeling of the album it makes it a great one to listen to! Although he sounds very fresh and new, in a good way, the album still has that classic K-Pop feel to it! You can tell the musical influences of a person from their music, so I can tell that he grew up on Korean music. It's his first album, but it has a good amount of songs on it, that can show some diversity, instead of just one or two songs. He has also released a Music Video, which you can enjoy Here.

- All Night 

I wouldn't really call this a "Sad" love song, but more of a "Longing" love song? It's not about being rejected or too sad, but more about having the courage to tell the person your feelings, and loving them so much that you can't stand it. The opening is very sad, and the English scattered throughout it is pretty good, and his pronunciation is good as well. I like how the beat is there, and that it makes it so that you can dance to the song, but it doesn't overpower his voice. The song is done completely solo, just with overlapping his own voice for effect, which I really enjoyed! There's a nice build up and echo to the song, and it makes it really upbeat and fun sounding! This is a classic K-Pop song where you want to sing along to it, you feel a bit happy even though the song is slightly sad, and it's easy to dance to. I also like how it starts with an electronic sort of beat, yet ends on a piano, instead of the other way around. 
I think that it's a great way to kick of his album ! 

- To Get You (너에 취해 )

I like how his voice starts out quick in the beginning, and the use of the different instruments. You can hear the guitar changing notes (that sound of fingers running across the strings to change the note really gets me!), witch the piano, but there's also some very modern sounding percussion in the background. I think that the song is pretty complex to play, and so are the vocals. This is another upbeat love song, but it sounds sweeter and happier. I love the part when he says, "You're my lady, my lady, my lady", I think that it's really fun. And when he harmonizes with himself in the background, especially with the high notes, is a wonderful effect! It makes it sound very "full", even though he's not in a band of five or more. This song sounds similar to the last, but more in the way of "sounding like the artist's style" than being repetitive. 

- Needful... (라구요… )

This one sounds a lot like a K-Drama soundtrack, especially at the beginning. I think that his voice suits it very well, and there's a lot of emotion to it as well. There's not really anything wrong with the Drama CD vibe, but it's just not my favorite style of music, especially compared to the first two songs. I still think that it is sung very well, and this shows off his vocal ability very well. There's a short rap sequence in the song, I think that it added to the song, and made it stand out more than the usual ballad. Overall, it's a sweet song and I like it, but it's not my favorite on the album.

- Heeya/Born Again (희야 )

The album starts off with two upbeat songs, than moves into two slow, ballad-like, songs. This one is the most sad on the album, which you could probably tell just by listening to it. I really like the Orchestral sound to the music, it has a classic feel to it. There's no English in the song, and it sounds like an older K-Pop song in that way, which I do like. This song also shows off his vocal skill, and also the restraint that he has. But I think my favorite part is honestly the orchestra and piano, with a lighter, non-electronic, feel to it! I really love creative songs, like the first two, but I still have a soft spot for classical music and gentle, yet powerful, sounding songs. It's hard for me to describe what I mean, but basically it's that the song is a great combination of the old and new, power and restraint. I also think that his voice matches the classical music sound very well.

- Missing You (그리워져 )

This was his first single, so of course they put it on is first album. This song is very sweet, and have a loneliness to the sound. He grew up missing his parents constantly, so that emotion is something that he easily conveys. The thing about a singer who grew up in difficult circumstances, and that is an inspiration, is that their voice shows it and is full of deep emotion. I think that it my favorite thing about Baek Chung Kang. The song is very simple, and once again Orchestral, in the Live Version he has a string section behind him. Out of all the ballad-like, sad songs, this has to be my favorite of the album.

The last two songs are Instrumentals of All Night and To Get You, so that you can have them to sing to, or if you just like the beat. I like this album very much, especially the first two songs! The great thing about it is that you can buy it on Kpop Plus, Yes Asia, or iTunes! The price range is between $7-$15, so check it out and see which one you like best! I highly recommend that you at least give this album a listen this Summer! I'm going to keep an eye on Baek Chung Kang in the future, and am expecting great things!

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,