Product Review: Innisfree "Carrot Vital Essential A Mask"

Even after you get home from a trip, you still don't have very much time on your hands. You need to catch up with everything you missed while you were gone, unpack, and get rid of jet lag sometimes. Traveling isn't just physically and mentally exhausting when you get home, but it's also exhausting for your skin. People say you should get a facial and a hair treatment when you get home, but I don't have that kind of money and most people don't! Since the Salon is out of the question, I have my own ways of improving my worn out skin and hair after traveling. I use a deep conditioner and leave it in longer than usual, use a nail kit to fix up my nails and cuticles. I try facial masks, but most of them are to dry out or peel off dry skin instead of revitalizing it. You can buy the clay stuff, but after I discovered Korean Sheet Masks, I have a new tradition! Instead of getting stuff out of your skin, they are made to "put stuff in", and are filled with vitamins and oils that your skin needs, and provides a lot of moisture. I saved this one for when I got home, and just got to using it recently, and it's well worth it!

Innisfree's Carrot Vital Essential A Mask 
(5 out of 5)

Some people may be afraid of putting carrot on their face because of the "carrots turn your skin orange" lore. Firstly, the mask isn't even orange in the least, and secondly it's not going to do that. Carrots are a source of Vitamin A and Antioxidants that are not only good for the inside, but the outside as well. Your skin also needs vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants because it is the last thing to receive nutrition in your body, along with your hair. They protect against free radicals and obviously "detox" your skin. Vitamin A is used in many dermatology related uses to treat acne and help with the production of oils, etc. in your pores. Overall, Vitamin A is a good thing to use every now and then on your skin. This mask moisturizes and recovers damaged skin, so it is great therapy for your face when you skin just won't cooperate anymore.

Sheet masks are pretty simple. They usually are a combination of silk and paper, soaked in some sort of serum. Some people even buy them dry to soak in whatever they want. You can find these in many different varieties and brands, and I've reviewed a few in the past. (Innisfree does a great job with these, and they are my favorite brand so far.) The point is that the sheet keeps the outside air away from the nutrients so that they can increase their effectiveness. To wear, rinse your face lightly and pat it dry. Next, run your fingers a crossed the top to make sure all of the liquid is near the bottom. Tear open the top and very gently pull out the mask, they tend to be delicate and tear easily. Apply the excess liquid from the package to your face then apply the mask, avoiding your eyes and mouth. Gently press it onto your face, making sure it adheres well. They make them pretty big to make sure that they can fit any face size, so it may take a minute to position it perfectly. Once you have it on, just let it sit as long as you want, 20-30 minutes tends to be a good time, but some people leave them on longer.

This one doesn't really have a distinct smell, it just smelled like soap really. I've had different masks in the past smell pretty much the exact same way. This one has a clear liquid, instead of a milkier texture, and is pretty thin. It dripped a little bit as I was applying it, and some of it ran down my neck once it was on. I've had worse, when it comes to consistency, but I've also had better. I like a thicker serum personally, because i find that it tends to dry out slower and makes it easier to apply. Some people prefer the thinner kind, because it has a lighter feel on the skin. Sometimes the coolness of the mask feels good, not so much in the winter, but it eventually got warmer with the heat of my face. It felt very comfortable and adhered really well for me, and I think it's the best fit for me in that way. I didn't have to worry about it falling off, and it didn't dry out either.

When I first put it on it felt a bit tingly almost like when you have hydrogen peroxide on something, and it stung a bit where I had breakouts, but not in that strong alcohol way. I think it's the first mask that I've used that felt like it was treating my skin, and not just setting on it to make it moist. I just patted the left overs into my skin after I took it off, and let them absorb throughout the rest of the day. My skin looked glossy and felt refreshed after using the mask, and it gave my skin a well needed boost. Overall, it's a great mask and I would buy it again! You can get these online at different places, they currently have it in stock at Yes Style, 10 sheets for about $30 Here. It seems a bit pricey, sheet masks are usually about $3-$7 a piece, and it is about $3 a sheet, so even though it's a good price they are sold in bunches which makes it seem more expensive. You can also look around online to see if there are other deals that you like, unfortunately the site that I bought mine from no longer sells them. I hope you get a chance to try it, let me know what you thought!

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