Feeling Crafty

This week we had quite the snowstorm! But, waking up to snow is one of best parts about living in the mountains.
Joby had to have a bath, regardless of the weather, because it was way overdo! He had been quite the stinky-face for a while, and so we had to give him a bath even if it was cold. After the bath, like all dogs, he likes to run around the house. I usually chase him around with a towel and try to catch him.

He is far smarter than our past dogs, because he tricks me all the time once I think that I have him cornered. So for him, I will just wait until he runs out of steam to catch him. He definitely looks a lot smaller when he is wet, there's no fur to compensate for how small he really is. It's nice to be able to wash him in the sink though.

I have felt very creative this past week and took a day to just make some crafts. I look at "Mod" websites all the time, and since I couldn't afford the things I wanted I just made some look-a-likes myself!


 I made several clips, a necklace and earrings set, a pair of earrings, and a bow-tie! I've used a few of them since, so this is some of them in action!

I will probably be making more, my sister wants a Strawberry Shortcake version of the cake one for her birthday. She al would like a Kikwi, so I can put up the pattern for those while I work on it. 

The project I am working on is moving forward, and so is my writing. I am hoping to have the draft of my first book done by summer, so I need to be getting back to those now! More to come soon! 

Challenge of the day:

Wear something you usually wouldn't today, variety is the spice of life! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,