Year of the Dragon...Roll

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This past week was the Lunar New Year! I had never really celebrated it before, but have always wanted to. So this year me and my parents had a celebration! It was very fun!
The sad part is that most of the ingredients for the dishes are rare or impossible to find where I live...Needless to say I made a few substitutions and had to skip on a few Traditional things.

On the way to the store, to pick up what we could, I insisted we listen to Japanese music (that's what I had). The Japanese Music I have is pretty much themes to Anime and Video Games, and that's it.

I had a headache from the altitude change of driving up and down the mountains that day, but I was still the person in charge of the kitchen, so I took an Ibuprofen and soldiered on.

-The Menu- 

Spring Rolls to start 

Sweet Potato and Chestnut mash and Noodles 

Pickled Vegetables, Edamame, Sweet Egg, and Tangerine

Ozoni Soup

 Those were the main courses. I had planed on making more, but I lacked time, supplies, and ingredients. I hope next year to make Moon Cake and Steamed Buns and have Lotus Roots and Daikon.

As for symbolism, I only know a few things about it.

The things colored "Gold" (Eggs, sweet potato, etc.) are for prosperity.

The Noodles are long, and symbolize long life.

In the soup the fishcake is supposed to look like "the rising sun", which is Japan (land of the rising sun). Though the package said fish cake, it was crab, total rip off!

The Carrots in the soup are shaped like blossoms for beauty.  The Shitake mushroom is like a star.

Since it was the year of the dragon, and because it is so tasty, we made a dragon roll!!

A dragon roll is made with Unagi (Eel), Avocado, or both. The filling in the sushi can be a "California Roll", crab and mayo sauce, or it can be Tempura Shrimp/Prawn. 

We made it with both Unagi and Avocado, obviously, and filled it with tempura shrimp (can't afford prawn) I made the face, and paws, with Carrots, Edamame, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, and Rice Crackers! This was ridiculously fun to make, and super ooishi (Delicious)!! It was also HUGE and hard to eat, it was pretty funny. 

I pretty much passed out after I finished cooking and eating a bit, since we had things to do that day I could not even start cooking until 5pm and was in the kitchen until around 10pm.

American Idol was not recorded because a football game went over by AN HOUR and all that could be recorded was four minutes... Not cool! Why AI for that night? In Japan there is a Karaoke Competition on New Years that everyone watches, it was the best resemblance we had. Though, I fell asleep anyways, but still it was disappointing. 

Other than New Years, there is more exciting news!

We recently got a Waffle Iron, practically for free!! So I made Chocolate and Regular Waffles from scratch and it was super fun and yummy, as well! 

I also made a few extras, since they are very filling, and put them in the freezer for later. Yes, you can make your own frozen waffles. Who knew? 

My headache persisted and I took a "sick day" and was in bed most of the day. Today it seems to be gone, so I am very thankful for that. 

I updated the Faith Blog, and I hope to soon update the cooking one. To read that click Here or on the photo. 

I put in a tab for the series so it will always be easy to find tin the future. I am very "tweaky", so I love messing with things like blogs and improve them constantly. 

Speaking, or typing, of which! I am hoping to start a Health and Beauty area on this blog soon! It is not only for women, it will be mainly on caring for yourself. I am hoping that it all works out. I am also starting to write Spoken Word poetry, and if something comes out good I will start a YouTube channel, hopefully. It would be random videos, writing updates, poetry, and music. First, I hope to improve. 

Challenge of the day:

Eat something sweet today! We all need it sometimes~! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,