Favorites from April 2013!

I'm finally back! My Laptop looks good as new, and I'm catching up on everything that I've missed these past few weeks. It's a little challenging to get back into the rhythm of things but I'm hoping to get a lot done during this next month. There were so many great comebacks during April, including Music Videos and Albums. So here it goes, I'm talking about things from the Korean Scene, as well as Cosmetics!

~Favorite Korean Albums of the Month~

LUNAFLY - Fly to Love

Most of their music in the past was Acoustic, but Lunafly's latest album has a lighter, Pop-Rock feel. It's bright and fun, and has a few new songs. The album also has all of their old music, in both Korean and English, in case you never got a chance to purchase their past albums and singles. I've been a fan of theirs since they made their debut, and even though it's different from the usual music they've put out I still really like it. Also, their MV has the same colorful flair. If you haven't listened to Lunafly yet, check this album out! 

GAIN & Hyung Woo - Romantic Spring

If you love Brown Eyed Girls or Hyungwoo, or both, you are bound to be excited about this album! Ga In's music is usually very edgy, but this duet album shows off her softer side. While I enjoy both music styles from Ga In, this is especially great for spring. Their voices contrast each other really well and the concept is really warm and comforting. I especially love the cooking imagery used in the MV, even though it makes me hungry. I listen to this album in the morning as I get my day started. 

K.Will - Part 2: Love Blossom 

Speaking of Springtime albums, K.Will released Part 2 of his 3rd album! When I first heard K.Will I thought his voice was so powerful and unique. I'll be honest, I fell in love at that moment. When I found out about his new MV and Album, I was so excited! I wanted to get it as soon as possible, and I don't regret it at all. This album is also great for Spring, and helps warm me up in this unnecessary chilly weather. It's refreshing and different, so listen to it if you haven't yet. 

Zion.T - Red Light 

While I enjoy Indie and Acoustic albums, I also have a soft spot for any type of Rap or Hip Hop with Smooth Jazz influences. Zion. T's funky and cool sound is so unique and just outstanding. I've loved all of his collaborations in the past, and I am really happy to get a full solo album from him! I'll talk more about his title song later in the MV section, but I wanted to make sure that I mentioned the album as well. The album also features appearances from Crush, Gaeko, Dok2, Verbal Jint, and more! If you love Korean Hip Hop, I think this is a pretty essential album. (Note: While most of the music doesn't, some of the songs do have cussing in them, in case you're sensitive when it comes to language.) 

Cho Yong Pil - Hello 

This is his 19th Full Album, that should tell you something. It's my personal belief, that if you want to consider yourself a true "K-Popper, K-Pop Fan, Halyuu Fanatic" etc. you should at least be familiar with Cho Yong Pil. Phantom dedicated a song to him, and pretty much every Korean Artist was influenced by his music at some point. He is an influential figure in Korean Music, and that's because his music is fantastic! I haven't known about Cho Yong Pil forever, but I really wanted to listen to some of his music once I did hear about him. Then I found out that he was putting out another album, and man is it good! Make sure to at least listen to it once, there's bound to be at least one song you love. 

SHINee - Why So Serious? (Chapter 2. The Misconceptions of Me)

I was stoked about the SHINee comeback with Dream Girl, and I was just as excited about Part 2 of that album. (I was a bit sad when it came to the MV though, because Jonghyun wasn't able to film with everyone, but the styling and song are still great. I am happy that he is still featured for in album version and the other songs.) Anyways, this album has more of an edge than Part 1, and I love it! The Rock influence for the title song, and it sounds like they really enjoyed recording each song. Some of the tracks have a haunting, curious, and sometimes alluring sound. If you're looking for something new and unique, try out this album! 

There were so many other albums that came out, but I can't talk about them all. Since these were the ones I listened to the most I wanted to make sure that I included them. 

~Favorite Korean Music Videos of the Month~

K.Will - Love Blossom 

I know that I already mentioned the album, but I wanted to write about the MV specifically. This video is so funny, and has an almost dark humor element to it. In order to punish his superiors for making his life terrible, he takes out the ride operator so they'll be stuck on a deathly spinning ride! Meanwhile, he enjoys some ice cream and meets a pretty lady. The video suits the lighthearted atmosphere of the song really well. It's great for a life, and I'm happy to finally see K. Will in one of his videos! 

Sunny Hill & Daybreak - Love Actually 

This video is also hilarious! This is the type of Korean humor that I absolutely love (I say that because I mainly started seeing this kind of humor when I watched K-Dramas, Variety shows, and MVs) When I first watched this video I thought, "What the junk?" I know that Sunny Hill used to make videos like this too, but I started listening to them when their music had a serious message behind it in every video (Like Pray, Grasshopper Song, and Princess & Prince Charming) But I watched it again and I really liked it, and thought it was nice to see a little less serious side from them. Also, I am so happy that Daybreak sang with them because they do really well together. Watch this video with a sense of humor and you're sure to enjoy it! 

10cm - Earthman? 

Okay, this is probably my favorite video of the month. Period. From the theme of late night online shopping (which I can relate to), to the awesome hand drawn cartoons, this video is just fantastic! Especially the Dragon Ball Z reference that they sneaked in. 10cm is looking snazzy and this Folk-Pop song is so incredibly addicting that it's ridiculous. I seriously listened to it about 20 times in a row, and I'm still not sick of it! The video is cute, and the song is cherry, so make sure to watch this if you haven't already! 

Zion.T - Babay (Featuring Gaeko)

Again, I mentioned the album already but I had to talk about the video as well. The whole thing is trippy, with the costumes, sets, and camera angles. I love the sense of style in this video, it's retro with modern flair, and just looks like great high fashion. Not to mention that Zion. T fits the clothes perfectly. The plot is pretty fun, and I am so happy to hear and see Gaeko in this as well! It's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me! 

15& - Somebody 

I think the members of 15& are adorable, and I'm also a big fan of the show K-Pop Star. The video is cute and quirky in general, but it's especially funny if you watch the show. I love the way they dressed up like the judges, especially the one for JYP! Not to mention the cameo that he makes, as an aspiring performer. All the references are great, and the song is pretty fun too!

PSY - Gentleman 

You can't really mention videos from April without talking about PSY's comeback! The K-Pop and variety show references are great. The Abracadabra Dance, Infinity Challenge (With the Wet PSY nickname he got), and several others. It's pretty obvious what it's about and the humor in it, so I won't go into that too much. The first time I heard the song I wasn't in love with it, but I liked it more every time I listened to it. 

Lucia - This Kind of Season

The art in this video is beautiful. The splashes of color and rough sketch look are beautiful, and so is the kind of interpretive dance in it. Not to mention how gorgeous Lucia's voice is! It's such a nice ballad, and the video does a great job of enhancing the song. 

Sun Woo Jung Ah - Baepsae 

Those unique Jazzy vocals, the layers to the music, the simple piano riff mixed in with the other instruments, everything about this song is great! Never mind the obvious use of certain brands of phones and pallets, because this video is so creative. All the different outfits that she has on really suit her personality, and the different props and editing techniques used in this video really made it stand out for me. Although this isn't a extremely popular artist, that doesn't speak for her talent. So don't miss out on this video, or her past ones either! 

HISTORY - Dreamer 

This Rookie alternative group really caught my attention with their debut. The main thing I like about this video really is the song. There's a kind of Queen influenced sound (specifically Bohemian Rhapsody), and the drum line in the song sounds great! I haven't really heard Korean music like this before and it's really good! The video is also really sweet, I mean, talk about a glamorous way to confess to a girl! And the dance parts with the neon sign in the background look really classy! With so many debuts, History really stands out from the rest. 

Roy Kim - BOM BOM BOM 

I've already established that I watch Korean TV shows, and Super Star K is no exception! I was so happy for Roy Kim, especially when he performed at MAMA 2012, and this new song proves that he deserved it. (To me at least.) There's a little bit of a Folk Music sound that comes out more as the song progresses, but it's not overwhelming. The type of coffee shop, relaxing, feeling that comes from a simple song on a guitar, with whistling and the "Bom bom bom" Chorus, is right up my alley. The video looks really nice, and I love the constantly changing props and background! It's a great concept and was as cheerful as the song itself. 

CHEEZE - Mango 

A video like this is hard to beat. The bands name is Cheeze, the song title is Mango, and the video mixes the feeling of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Video Games. The different random objects that they repurposed in this video make it super distinct, and the song is a great representative of Electronic Indie music. Not to mention how fluffy those Kitties are, even if they are trying to kill the human-techno-mice! 

UBeat - Should Have Treated You Better

I'm a fan of U-Kiss and Sub-Units. So when Eli and AJ got together for UBeat, along with Kevin guest appearing on the album, I was really excited! Like most Sub-Groups, the music is different from the main groups usual style, this is more of a Hip-Hop album with darker themes. Even though this song may sound upbeat, the lyrics aren't very happy. In fact the theme of this video is about a girl that passed away, and the man wishes he would have treated her better when she was alive. The different artistic shots look great, as well as the dulled colors. This is a great showing from UBeat, and I can't wait for their next album!

~Favorite Cosmetic Review of the Month~

Oil Pulling - All Natural Teeth Whitener 

While I didn't get a chance to review any beauty products in April (since my computer died when I was about to write them), I was able to write about an all natural beauty treatment. I wrote a short article on Oil Pulling, how it worked for me and how you can do it yourself. I like to use it after a night when I eat sweets, when my teeth feel a bit more sensitive than usual, and just occasionally for maintenance. It's a simple and cheap at home treatment that anyone can try out. You can read more about it Here if you'd like!

That's it! All of my favorites from April 2013, more or less. It's so difficult to fit everything I want to mention on this post, especially when I try to keep things short. There really were so many great albums and videos this month, and just because I didn't list them doesn't mean they aren't as good as the ones I did. What were your favorites from the month? Were they the same as mine or completely different? Let me know in the comments! May is such an exciting month, and I can't wait to write about it next month! Hopefully I can get a lot done, even with being behind.

(I didn't get a chance to record the video of my current favorite K-Pop songs of the month. It's a little too late to make that (My mind is focused on songs released in May right now) so I'll have another video like that at the end of this month.)

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,