Music Review: B1A4 - Ignition Special Edition

B1A4 is one of my favorite bands. They are the opposite of most bands that I like, edgy, artsy, with serious music. There's just something about the Aegyo/Cutie Boys image, mixed with ridiculously happy sounding music, and terrible Engrish, that appeals to me! They are still extreamly talented in my eyes, so don't get me wrong, they are just one of those bands that you either love or hate, and I love them! I was so excited to get this album, and tore apart the package the moment it arrived! So, here's what I thought about their Special Edition album!

B1A4 - Ignition Special Edition

This album is different than the original Ignition, and by different I mean far more awesome! This album looks so fun, and is the heaviest K-Pop album I have ever bought! 

This angle makes it look pretty simple. It's a rectangle, the picture on the front is from their CowBoy themed MV Baby Good Night (which is one of my new favorite MV's from them, after Beautiful Target of course), and has the opening line on the front. I love the little sketches done on this album, and all throughout the design. There are little drawings, as well as sketched portraits of the members on some of the cards, and I love the "Craft-y" feeling to it. 

Making this shaped like a book is really creative! I absolutely love it! The only complaint that I have it that, because mine was shipped, it got a bit beat up and tore a bit because of the shape. The album is full of photos, which is why it's so heavy, and the outside isn't sturdy enough to hold them, over long distances at least. But, I fixed it easily with some scotch tape, so it turned out alright in the end. 

You open it up, and there's the Disc, a card of one of the members, the lyric sheet, and the photo cards. (Be careful when taking out the lyric sheet or cards! It's best to flip it upside down and take them out that way, instead of trying to pull them out.)
The CD is held by the foam stump, just how I like it, and matches the rest of the package. I like the font that looks hand written, it's a nice addition to the artsy-ness of the album. 

The lyrics sheet is a really simple fold out pamphlet. Nothing too fancy, though it doesn't really need to be. 

There are over 70 postcards inside! I'm not showing all of the photos, sorry! But I'll say that there are the Cowboy themed ones, some more artsy ones on them "in their house", and some group pictures. The post cards have different backs, which is really neat, but I still don't plan on sending them to anyone! I love all the photos, though the cropping is awkward on some of them, but they did a great job of capturing the personalities of the band members. Because of how many photos are inside, it's worth every penny for the album!

The last part is the poster, which is a good size not too big or small, and it's a larger version of the album cover (or is the cover a smaller version of the poster? Hmmm). 
Although I do like it, I wish that it was just the photo in the center, but the labels and lyrics are nice on it too. 

Now, onto the actual songs on the album! I really like how the special edition really does feel "special", with 15 songs on it! It's really sad to buy an CD and only get 3-6 songs on it, so I really liked this one. This is one of those CD's that I would totally love to have in the car for a road-trip this Summer! There's plenty of songs, and all of them have a really catchy beat and addictive lyrics. Although they are known for their happy, cutie boy vibe, this album really shows another side of them. 

- Baby Goodnight 잘자요 굿나잇

Goodness is this an addictive song! I keep it on loop most of the time, and I think I listen to it at least once a day. This will get stuck in your head, and, if you watch the video, so will the dance. The opening is so fun, with the cheesy sound effects and the English! And I just love they way that they sing this one! You can hear the energy in their voices and it's just! (Sorry, but I get really excited when I talk about this song.) This is definitely the "Sing Along K-Pop Song of the Year" for me, if there is such a thing... Besides the sound effects scattered throughout the song, the beat is pretty simple, the focus seems to be more on the singing. I really like the different tones in the song, especially Baro's when he does his rap sequences. 
(In the MV, friends try to convince their friend to come out dancing with them even though he has a girlfriend. He goes to make his friends happy, but still feels bad and checks up on his girlfriend, unaware that she was cheating on him that night.)

- Because of You 너 때문에

This is a song about the loneliness a person feels after a breakup, how you feel even lonelier after than you did before, and it's because of that person that you feel this way. The song isn't a bitter kind of song, but more of a sad song of a person telling themselves that they are going to be okay and will get past this. The high notes and mellow beat really show the emotions the the lyrics are about as well. I don't like the intro as much as the rest of the song though. I also really like the piano and guitar in the song, there are a different instruments scattered throughout the song in small segments, if you listen for them, and I like the detail of the score. I also like how the rap is more mellow and fits the song. 

- Baby I'm Sorry

The band leader, Jin Young, wrote the lyrics to this song himself. The song sounds a bit upbeat, but it's actually a really heart wrenching song when it comes to the lyrics. This is another sad, breakup song, which makes me feel bad for the band. This one is far more electronic sounding than others on the album, I think, and I like it a lot. I think the only problem that I have with it is that it is really autotuned, though the sound of it suits the song I just think there's too much. The English is pretty bad in this one, but still addictive. They also made a MV for this song, Here. It's not nearly as fun as their other videos, I still like it.

- This Time Is Over

Yes, it's "is over" not "it's over". This is yet another sad song, and sounds more like a sad song than the last one. It's about the inner struggle of hating a person for the hurt of leaving you, yet at the same time wanting them to come back because you love them. The hurt and struggle in their voices is really touching. The contrast in the voices is really nice, and the harmonies. It has very slight Reggae influences at points, to me at least, and other parts have modern sounds as well as a classical orchestra. I like the sound of the different types of instruments going against each other in the song, I think it matches the lyrics really well. If you are a sucker for sad songs, you will probably like this one.  

- So Fine

This song, finally, is a happier one! The man has had the same girlfriend for a long time, and she's his first love, but now that she's getting older she is putting on more makeup, nicer/girlie clothes, and dying her hair. And he is saying that she doesn't need that to impress him, that he thinks she's beautiful without it, and that he doesn't want her wearing those things because it might make her attract other men. It's partially innocent and sweet love, for her innocence, and also being jealous of her maturing and making other men like her. It's a pretty interesting contrast, but I think it's a really honest song about how men feel at times! I like the small bits of English throughout it, and the harmonies in the background. Overall, I like the song a lot! 

- Super Sonic

There's nothing like a song with dynamite, diamond, bunny, unicorn, iconic, and equalizer in it! This is the basic K-pop song about the girl who catches your attention and is the only one you can think of. I really love the sounds and the skipping in this song, and the short, though odd, English phrases are placed well to me. This is another song that gets stuck in my head hardcore, and I can't help but sing along to it! It's really fun, and the upbeat, electronic, sound with their different voices, from super high to low toned, make this a classic B1A4 song. 

- We're Alone 둘만 있으면 , Baro Duet with Min of Miss A

I have to say that I really love Min's voice in this song! Miss A are great singers, and I think that her voice suits Baro's really well. I don't know how I feel about Baro's singing in the song, but I like his rapping a lot. It's nice that a few members get solos in this album (though his is technically a duet), I really like to hear the individuals voice and talent. The song is basically about people who have dated for a long time, and it seems like their love has fizzled out, and they are both unhappy and wish it could be like it used to be. I love the contrast in the voices, and the gentle instrumental behind them. 

- Smile 웃어봐

This song is the sweetest on the entire album! It's basically the story of purposing to a girl, and how she should smile because she's happy and not cry. At first it sounds like it's one main vocalist, but that's because their voices blend into each other so well! I am really impressed by this ballad, and it's one of my favorite songs. I thing that from the slower beat, to the restrained and sweet vocals, and the harmonizing in the background, that it makes a really classic song. This is one that relaxed me and cheer me up on a bad day, that I can just close my eyes or sway back and forth to. 

- Feeling

The song is mainly about cheering yourself up after someone broke up with you, that moment when you are getting over the person and are happy again, and being happy is like a "new feeling". The burden is off of you, and it feels like a party on a Friday night, and you just want to dance because your spirits are finally lifted! I like how during the rap the other band mates are singing in the background, "Put your hand up in the air!" I think it was a nice effect. I like the song a lot, and it's a really upbeat, electronic, club sounding song! It's a pretty fun and straightforward song, and it's nice to have on the album since the first half of the songs are so sad! Instead of focusing on how terrible you feel after you break up, it's like the light at the end of the tunnel for how you can feel eventually. 

- Crush 짝사랑 , Sandeul Solo

Although most people call this "Crush" in English, Unrequited Love is the closer meaning for the song. It's basically a "friendzoned" song, about how he loves the girl so much and wishes she could just see him as more than a friend. It's a really touching song, and the pain in his voice is so real. Although it sounds a little "Drama Soundtrack-ish", I still really like it and the emotions conveyed in it sound very genuine. I also like the simplicity of the piano, and I wish that it would have been more of just the piano without too much embellishment, but it still sounds very good. I also love his vocals, with the high notes mixed with a lower sound as well. I was really glad to hear Sandeul on his own and get to know his talent. 

- You Are My Girl

It should be obvious what this song it about. This is an upbeat love song about the girl you love, protecting her, loving her, and never wanting to let her go. It's not done like a ballad about love, but it more fast paced, like youthful love is. So I like it a lot! It sounds very classic B1A4, and I love the voices talking, joking, and clapping for the intro too! This is the song that you want to dance to, like a dweeb, which is probably why I like it so much. The song just makes you happy, and you can't help but cheer up when you hear it, like most of their songs. There are a lot of interesting sound throughout the song, with different electronic, musical noises, as well as some sound effects. 

- Wonderful Tonight, Unplugged Remix

I am a total sucker for Acoustic/Unplugged versions of songs! I love them so fiercely! This song shows off their vocal ability so much, and I really appreciate it. It's one that I want to listen to over and over again just to listen to their voices. They each get a chance to show off, from deep to extremely high, and everything in-between! Since their vocal talent is one of my favorite parts of the band, this song is one of my favorites of theirs. I also think that it's a really good ending note, as far as full songs go, for the album. Though it's probably obvious, I like this version better than the original. It's especially good in surround-sound/headphones.

- Instrumentals 

The last three songs are the instrumental versions of Baby Goodnight, Because of You, and Baby I'm Sorry. You can sing along to them, like Karaoke, or just enjoy them on their own. I love to listen to the background music because it seems to give more depth to the full version when I listen to it later, because my brain recognizes all the different sounds. Also, the "baby" songs are both upbeat, so they are fun dance music on their own. The other song is more mellow, and sounds good on it's own as well. I highly recommend listening to them in headphones as well, good ones will pick up the sounds better than speakers. (The whole album is great in headphones as well, there's a lot of detail in which ear you hear things in, and the fading between them, the effect it really cool!) 

In general I highly recommend the album! I love the sound of it, and I think that it's totally worth buying the special edition "box", you definitely get your moneys worth. You can buy it for roughly $20 online, plus shipping. It's also available on iTunes for around $10 for the whole album, hurray! So, you can pick and choose, and listen to the songs yourself to form your own opinion. All the songs are actually really complex, at least I think so, and I really think that it's worth sitting down and really listening to the songs in their entirety. The more you notice in a song, the more you appreciate it, which is probably why I like B1A4 as much as I do. So get a pair of good headphones, and listen to this album this Summer! 

See you next time you jump down the Rabbit hole,