My Trip to Lotte World


In Korea there are a few different amusement parks to choose from. This includes Everland, Seoul Land, and Lotte World. I've been to Everland before, and this was my second trip to Lotte World. Lotte World has it's own characters and recently added a lot of new VR rides, and the most interesting part about it is that there is an indoors area and an outdoors area for this park. The first time I went it was winter so we could only go to the indoors area, so this was my first time in the outside area. 

The indoor area feels like being inside a giant greenhouse, and it's like a labyrinth because there are so many floors and levels, and staircases, escalators, and elevators are all scattered about. I got turned around a few times when looking for a certain enterance to get to a ride. 

Most of the indoor park is styled like a European-esc village, and there's also an underwater area and a more jungle like area as well. 

I think my favorite part of the park is the outdoors area, because it doesn't feel nearly as stuffy and it's also covered in plants and feels like walking around in a garden. Not to mention the pretty castle that's outside!

There's a bridge that connects the inside and outside areas together where you get a clear view of the castle, and there is even a "photo zone" space. But, it was really bright that day so there was no way I could get a non-squinty photo there. You can also get a nice view of the Atlantis roller coaster, and there's a Chinese restaurant you can eat in as well. Unfortunately, the Atlantis ride was down for repairs this day so I wasn't able to ride it, and it's one of the most popular rides in the park. I was, however, able to go on The Comet Express, the Bungee Drop and the Gyro Swing, which were all a lot of fun! 


The rides that I went on in this area were Sinbad (which is a bit like the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride) that has a few "splash" areas, another water ride that had rafts, and a ride with a jeep that was more like a 4D movie. The best was probably a small rollercoaster with a loop that goes forwards and then backwards (which the backwards part is terrifying). Most of the rides had a really long wait or were closed for a while when we went there, so I spent most of the time just exploring. 

The Comet Express is in the outdoors area, but the ride itself is underground. The seats rotate while you zip around underground, so it's a bit like Space Mountain from Disneyland but with the added trill of spinning around in circles while you zoom through space! The Bungee Drop is a basic drop tower ride where you shoot up into the air and fall back down a few times. I love rides like these, because you also get a nice view of the park while you're at the top. The Gyro Swing was by far the most terrifying ride I've been on at any amusement park in Korea. You swing back and forth on the big rotating wheel while strapped into a chair, and go almost upside down when it goes backwards. It was exhilarating, yes, but even though I'm a big fan of thrill rides, it was really scary at its peak.

The only thing scarier than the Gyro Swing was this fairy scultrue in the underground area...

The only thing scarier than the Gyro Swing was this fairy scultrue in the underground area...

There were also a ton of Pokemon Go stops around the park, so if you're still playing don't forget to check while you're there! The park also has it's own AR game that you can download and play while you wait in line that is pretty fun. 


The food in Lotte World is just like any other theme park in Korea, there are snack stands with corn dogs, chicken skewers, and waffles, etc, as well as sit down places that serve Korean cafeteria type food, Chinese food, and pizza and burgers. I didn't really want to buy overpriced cafeteria style food, so I mostly had one or two snacks and ate dinner outside of the park. 

Lotte World has really tasty and adorable looking ice pops that you can buy, however the shapes I liked came in flavors that I didn't, and I was also "sugared out" for the day. 

I think the most disappointing snack of the day had to be the fries. The "cheese" didn't taste like cheese at all, was really sweet tasting, and was also cold. The hot dog and shrimp were good, but if you're a fan of warm and cheesy fries, I would stay away from the ones here. The coffee and shakes are also nice, but not very cheap (of course). 

The cutest thing by far, to me at least, was the cotton candy that you could get in the shape of Line characters (like the bear or bunny), and I think you can even request other shapes as well. 

Final Thoughts

I went to Lotte World on a cool day before it got too hot outside, and it was also a weekday so it wasn't too crowded. I had a really nice time, but I was a bit disappointed that some of the rides I really wanted to try were closed down that day, including Atlantis and some of the fun looking VR rides. The food isn't great, but it's good enough I think and a lot of it is very photogenic. The park is pretty large, and even though I didn't end up staying the full day I felt like I did most of the things I wanted when I left without feeling too tired. There are all kind of discounts and promotions for this park, so I would recommend going on one of the promotion days where you can get the tickets for cheap. You can also buy tickets for only the underground area or for a half day if you get there later. For more information you can go here, or like their Facebook page to keep up with promotions. 

It's also fairly easy to get there, and if you want to kill some extra time you can check out the Lotte Mall or the Lotte Aquarium in the same area. I'm sure you can do much more at the park than I did, but I enjoyed have a laid back day to just go on a few rides, have a couple snacks, and wear a sprout on my head without feeling too strange. 

If you want to visit a theme park in Korea, but you don't want to commit to traveling all the way to Everland I would really suggest checking out Lotte World! 

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole, 
- C.A.M