Product Review: Skinfood "Tea Tree Secret Spot Patch"

There's a kind of trend in Korea that I had never seen before when I lived in The States. That is, people wear these little round patches on their skin for their pimples. They come in clear, matte, and skin tone, and I've seen people wear them around as they go about their day. Originally I was told it was to help you not pick at your acne, but there are some that also have benefits of helping your pimples go down as you wear them. I never really wanted to try them that badly, but when a friend offered to buy me something small from the store I figured it was worth a try!

Brand: Skinfood

Product: Tea Tree Secret Spot Patch

Expiration: 12 Months (before opening) 

Price: ~ $1 per sheet 

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

When I first tried these out I was having a particularly stubborn breakout on my chin and a pimple coming in on my cheek. (You know when you feel one coming in and it's all sore and red? One of those...) No amount of masks, face wash, oil treatments, toner, or anything would make it go away and it lasted over a week. Since I had a sheet of these I decided to try them out and was amazed by the results!

Tea tree oil is

used to treat infections, acne, dandruff, etc. because it's used as an antiseptic and has antimicrobial properties. I've seen several different products that use tea tree oil, and people who use pure tea tree oil on their pimples. But because it's very strong I think that it should only be used in small amounts. That's why I loved the idea of using it in spot patches, which you only apply for 8~12 hours. I don't really like the idea of wearing them outside still, but because of the amount of time you can leave them on they work really well while you sleep. To use them you simply peel one off the plastic sheet and apply it to the pimple or red area. There are 12 in a pack, 6 smaller and 6 larger ones. You do have to be careful when peeling them off the sheet since they're thin and you may accidentally fold it over while trying to put it on.

You can take the sheet apart in sections if you feel the need to. You also need to press them on firmly (especially on areas of your face that you move more like your chin) to make sure they don't slowly peel off. The patches are really comfortable and you can barely feel them on your skin. (Sometimes I almost forget I have them on when I wash my face in the morning.)

Under a light it's visible but in general you cannot tell if someone has them on unless you look close. There is a very light scent when you first put them on (if you're sensitive to smells that is) but after a minute it fades and you don't notice it anymore. I also felt a slight tingling sensation about a minute after putting them on, but that also fades after a couple minutes. They peel off painlessly without too much effort (a lot less painful than a nose strip that's for sure!).


After one use


After one use I saw a noticeable difference after using them only one night. After using them for a few days everything mostly cleared up. The redness went away and the pimples themselves shrunk in size. I did a "control" when using them to make sure it was the patch working and not just them healing over time. The area that I didn't apply the patch got bigger and the redness didn't go down, so I was able to tell that it really was the spot patches that did the work. You may notice that your skin is slightly lighter where the patch was right after you take them off but eventually it will turn to your regular skin tone, but the redness doesn't come back. Your skin may also feel a bit tight, so make sure to use your usual face wash to remove any leftover residue.

After I got back to Korea I bought about a handful of these things because they're so cheap and work so well. I would really recommend them for people who get stubborn pimples or have breakout areas or redness that won't clear up on their own. I bought these at the Skinfood store itself for about 800 won, but you can also find them online at AmazonSokoglam, the Skinfood online store, or any other online shop you prefer.

If you've ever tried these out before, or have your own brand you prefer, let me know in the comments! It's always good to see how products work for different people and I love hearing other peoples opinion's.

See you next time you're down the rabbit hole,