Eurwangni Beach : 을왕리해수욕장


A few days ago I posted a video with footage from a trip that I took to Eurwangni Beach a while ago. I've been there a few times now so I wanted to write about what it's like. Most of the beaches in Korea are about 4 or more hours away from where I live, however Eurwangni Beach is only about 40 minutes away. You can take the 302 or 306 bus from Incheon Airport to get there, and from the airport to the beach is about 20 minutes or so (depending on traffic). It hasn't been crowded when I went because I tend to go "off-season", but I think it may be much busier as it heats up. These photos are all from the same area but on separate days that I went, one of them being clear and sunny and the other more overcast and rainy.

The bus ride to the beach is really pleasant and you can watch the boats and ships go by as you get closer. There are fishermen, ferries, and sometimes even jet skis on the water along the road and the beach. (One day I would really like to go for a ferry ride here!) 

The first time I went I got off a stop early and had to walk a bit to get to the "main area", so after that trip I got off the bus when I saw the arch for the beach. There are a lot of hotels, cafes, and seafood restaurants around and of course other towns close by if this one doesn't suit you. One of the down sides to going here is that the people who are in the restaurants are a bit more...aggressive in trying to get customers, and I'm really not used to people shouting for me to eat some place at the top of their lungs. (I saw several signs put up saying that they are not supposed to call people off the street to try to get them to come inside, however many people did this anyways.) There's also a convenience store and restrooms around so you don't need to bring much with you, especially for a day trip. 

Some areas of the beach have softer sand but the majority of it has a lot of crushed up shells so it's not the best place to go running around barefoot. The waves are very small but this is actually a bit more relaxing because you can hear the soft sound of the waves going against the shore without worrying about suddenly getting drenched by a huge one. 

"Are you lookin' at me?"


One of my favorite things about this beach is all of the seagulls around. You may find them annoying in most places but they don't really bother anyone here and it's fun to just watch them fly around and interact with each other. They are all over the beach so if you are not a fan of seagulls it may not be the best place to go. 

The area is quite large so you can choose to go wherever you want to sit down really. This beach is in a crescent shape which is why the waves aren't very large, so it's purposely kept very mild and shallow so that people can walk around along the beach and go for a swim without worrying about the water being too deep. I would simply call this a "casual beach". 

I collected a few really pretty shells after walking around a bit, and I even found one that still had it's owner, a little crab, inside (which I let go of course). So although it's a real pain for your feet having so many shells along the beach, it's great if you like to collect them! 

There's also an area with benches and a playground behind the shore that you can enjoy. I really love that there were trees just planted in the sand to provide some shade and it was nice to take a break and go on the swings after playing in the water for a while. I also saw a few people who set up tents around this part of the beach, which seems like it would be really fun!

The area where you can rent a place or get a hotel behind the beach is also nice and has lots of plants and trees

Of course, my favorite thing about my trips to Eurwangni Beach has to be how beautiful it is at sunset. Everything looks so warm, you can hear the water and seagulls and snack on some fruit or ice cream while you walk around, and it all feels really peaceful and somewhat magical. Sure, it's not a huge beach and it's really nothing fancy, but it feels warm and cozy in a way. If you go when there aren't many people it almost feels like a private, secluded beach that you have all to yourself. 

At night lights turn on and a lot of the buildings and restaurants are decorated so it's also very beautiful, and if you're in luck people may even be setting off fireworks. So if you get a pension, a hotel, or just go for a day trip I really recommend check out this small and sandy spot as a nice getaway from the city or whatever stress you may have.

If you didn't see the video that I posted from one of my trips you can click


to watch it! And if you've ever been to this beach or have one that you would recommend let me know in the comments! Also tell me if there's a place in Korea you think I should write about in the future! 

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- C.A.M.