Product Review: Etude House "Aloe Moistfull Soothing Skin & Soothing Lotion"

I don't usually buy a lot of products from Etude House, but lately I bought several things from them without really realizing until I looked at all the labels on my bathroom counter. When I ran out of my last toner and emulsion and was looking for a new one this was recommended for dry skin. I bought the toner and lotion together and have been using them for a little over a month now, so I figured that it's been long enough that I can write a proper review of them. Since you usually use toners and emulsions together (and when you get them as samples they come in a pack) I'm going to review them individually and together. 

Brand: Etude House

Product: Aloe Moistfull Soothing Skin & Soothing Lotion 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

Etude House has several different versions of their "Moistfull" products. There's collagen, flower, and aloe, and even in these different lines there are creams, lotions, toners, sprays, and sleeping packs. They have been pretty popular and also have been around for a while. I chose the aloe version myself because I have very sensitive skin, so soothing aloe usually appeals to me right away. I didn't buy the thicker cream along with these two although I have dry skin because they usually clog my pores and cause breakouts, so for now a light moisturizer is all I need. 

Etude House claims that they used organic extracts when making these products, and there are two main ingredients. There is aloe, which helps with detoxing your body and skin, and soothes burns, redness, irritation, and also can help with acne. (Of course, having as pale skin as I do, I use aloe a lot for sunburns. So with the weather heating up I figure it's better safe than sorry with stocking up on anything with aloe in it.) Along with aloe extracts, it also contains baobab tree oil which helps repair damaged skin and contains vitamins A, D, E, to fight off bacteria and keep your skin healthy, and vitamin F to help keep your skin hydrated.

The packaging is clear light green bottles looks very sleek and simple, and the color is nice too (it gives off the "soothing feeling" well). The bottles are actually quite large so I think they could last a couple months, if not more, and the caps go on and come off easily. However I do have an issue with the caps on the bottles because they screw off and in order to get the liquid out you have to shake it like a ketchup bottle. This makes it more difficult to control the amount you take out of them, and for sanitary reasons I usually prefer pump-type bottles. Although the bottles are the same size I think that I will finish off the lotion before the toner, since I use more of it. 

The first one I will review is the Soothing Skin, which is the toner of the two. The consistency is slightly thick, like a loose gel, so you can either apply it on its own or by using a cotton pad. I have used it both ways and currently I prefer using a pad because I feel like it helps me to apply it more evenly, and it also helps to pick up any missed dirt or makeup after washing my face. Toners are used to pick up excess dirt and oil, help your skin retain moisture, and some also contain ingredients that help clear your complexion as well. This toner especially helps with soothing your skin and preparing it so that you can get the most out of your moisturizer. 

Compared to my previous toner I prefer this thicker one. It spreads evenly onto my skin and is also easy to apply because of it's smooth texture. I did not see a radical change when I used this, however it was better than my previous one. I noticed less redness and my complexion looked more even. The scent isn't very strong either, in fact I barely notice it anymore, which I think is great. It didn't cause any extra breakouts and in general I would just say that it's an okay toner (not amazing but not bad either). 

The other part of the set is the Soothing Lotion, aka the moisturizer. The consistency is similar to the toner, it isn't very thick and feels light on my skin. Usually I apply it in two thin layers, letting the first one absorb completely before applying some more. Because of where I live, and how dry it is in my room especially, I like to apply enough to last all night or day. You only need a small amount to cover your entire face and just gently massage it in over 20 - 30 seconds. As I said before, whenever I use thicker creams or moisturizers I notice that I have way more breakouts than usual. After applying two thin layers my skin feels comfortable and hydrated and doesn't feel greasy at all. 

The last moisturizer I used was very thin and did not feel as though it was doing anything for me, so I would use a cream afterwards (causing breakouts in return for getting rid of dry patches), but I don't feel the need to use anything more after this. Like the toner, the scent isn't very strong and it feels cool and refreshing on my skin and has been helping with keeping down redness or any irritation. However, I still have occasional dry patches and my breakouts still happen occasionally (not as bad as before). So while it is doing a decent job and isn't causing any direct problems it isn't showing me amazing results after about a month of use either. 

I did notice that they work best when used together. If I only use the lotion without the toner first it doesn't absorb into my skin as well. The toner doesn't hydrate your skin enough on its own so you need the lotion afterwards to see the best results. Together you don't need to worry about the scents mixing into something else since they smell relatively the same. Again, an issue that I could see happening is running out of one before the other and having to decide if you should restock or not, if you prefer to use matching toners and lotions. 

Overall, I would say that as a set they work well and are good for those with sensitive skin, or those who have issues with irritation or redness. While they may not be the most amazing products out there, they do their job well enough and I think would work well for those who don't like very thin toners or thick moisturizing creams. You can buy these separately online for around $10 - $14 each ( - - Lotion) or in an Etude House store like I did if you are living in a country where they have shops.

If you have ever used this product yourself let me know in the comments! It's always great to know how products work on different people and skin types. I hope that if you are able to try them out yourself that you liked them as much as I did, or even more.

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole,

- C.A.M.