Product Review: Etude House "Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam"

If you've read anything that I've posted in the past on this blog then you probably know that I prefer using scrubs to using light foams or simple cream cleansers. So when I was looking for a new cleanser after my last one ran out I thought I should give this one a try.

The first time I used it was on a plane during a 14 hour flight. (I usually bring samples on the plane with me so I can wash my face partway through, and not feel so gross when I land.) I felt really clean and refreshed after using it, though that was probably partly because I just wanted a clean face on a stuffy plane, so I decided to buy a whole bottle this time! 

I wear makeup pretty much every day, and I also used to get a bunch of dry patches on my skin so I wanted to try out a light scrub that is made for removing your makeup along with washing your face. So now that I've rambled on why I tried this one out, let's go on to the review!

Brand: Etude House

Product: Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Etude House is a brand that isn't particularly known for quality, but more for their "cute and pretty" products. However, there are certain products that they make really well. I rotated through a few cleansers but I was waiting until I found one that I liked to write a proper review. The Baking Powder Pore series from Etude has several different varieties including, "moist", "regular", and "b.b. deep". They also sell different cleansing wipes, toners, creams, bubble cleansing foam, and more, however the only thing I have tried from the series (so far) is this one. 

Baking powder is simply baking soda mixed with a light acid, such as cream of tartar or citrus juice. If you bake you probably know that it's used to raise dough using carbon dioxide, and you usually only need a small amount to do this. Baking soda is really popular because it can be used to whiten, lift stains, clear infections, sooth bug bites, kill bacteria, remove oder, and is a good light scrubbing agent. People use it for all kinds of health reasons, the most popular being toothpaste or a "spot treatment" for pimples or bug bites. 

Since the baking powder is mixed with a cleanser it helps absorb impurities in your skin, the light acid in it along with its abrasive texture will clear up dead/dry skin, and it can also balance out your skin tone and texture. This is also a cream cleanser so even though it's scrubbing and while you use it the cream base helps keep your skin moist. I know that talking about "acid", "abrasives", and "absorption" may be a little intimidating when dealing with your skin. However, acid can simply be something light, like lemon juice, and in small amounts it won't harm your skin. Pulling out your impurities is also good for your skin, since throughout your day you pick up dirt and bacteria. This is especially important if you wear makeup because if you don't get it all out of your pores it can build up and cause breakouts. Finally, when it comes to using a scrub I really find this one is the better of ones I have used in the past because it is much lighter. Apricot scrubs or ones with large pieces might scratch your skin, especially if you put too much pressure while you're washing your face or use it too frequently, but because the grainy texture of baking powder/baking soda is small it lightly buffs your skin. I have used just baking soda to wash my face in the past, however this product is working better for me so far. 

I like the bottle design since the cap seals everything in, but the rest of the bottle is make from a soft plastic so you can squeeze the right amount out easily. It may not have the prettiest packaging, especially compared to their other products, but I can understand why they use the bubbles and the typical BB cream color for the design. The texture it similar to a creamy paste, and it's pretty thick so you only need to use about the size of your fingernail to wash your face. (This also means that one bottle can last you a while.) Once you add water you get more of a thick foam with a lot of little bubbles. 

When using this I like to wet my face first, and then I later up a small amount in my hands before washing my face with it. I don't like to let cleaners sit too long on my skin so I only wash for about a minute before washing off my face. I usually remove my makeup before this, but because makeup remover has a bit of oil in it this helps clean off the oil and also remove the deeper set makeup that they remover may have missed. It doesn't have a strong scent, it smells lightly of soap, baking soda, and lemon. (I don't like very fragrant things because of my sensitive skin so I appreciate this a lot.)

Overall, since I started using this cleaner about 2 months ago my skin has cleared up! My skin tone is fairly even now and I don't have as much trouble with dry patches, and in general my skin feels very clean and refreshed after using it. I plan on buying a new bottle once I run out. While I could get the other varieties that they sell, I think I will stick with this one because my main issue is keeping my pores from getting clogged with dirt or makeup after a long day. Although it says it works for washing off BB Cream, I've also used it on CC Cream or with powder makeup and it came off just fine.

I bought this in an Etude House store for about 5,000 won (around $5), but you can also find it online at Amazon or whatever website you usually buy your makeup on for $7 - $8. It expires 12 months after opening, and so far my bottle (used once or twice a day) should last me about 3 months as far as I can tell. If you have dry or rough skin, or think that you're getting breakouts from not washing all of your makeup off at night, then I really recommend trying this one out!

If you've tried this product before please leave a comment below and let me know how it worked for you!

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole,

- C.A.M