Product Review: Elizabeth "Poretol Pore Clear Sheet"

Nose strips are a simple concept that it would be difficult to get it wrong, yet some are better than others. The idea behind a strip like this is there's an adhesive that attaches to your blackheads, and then when you peel it off the strip takes them out with it. I recently went out and got a few different brands that I've been trying out, so I wanted to write a review on the one that has been the best so far. I was able to get this one in a two pack on sale at Olive Young the other day because of a recommendation from my old roommate. I've been eager to try them out so now I'm happy I was able to!

(Warning: If you're easily grossed out. There are pictures of used strips in order to show results.)

Elisabeth's Poretol Pore Clear Sheet Blackhead Nose Pack

(5 out of 5)

The name of this one is a mouthful, but it's worth it. Usually I just call them, "The baby blackhead strips", because there's a baby face on pretty much all the products in this line. This of course makes it easily recognizable even though it might not be a very well known brand to people outside of Korea. This company also sells tools, serums, masks, and other blackhead care products (that I may try in the future). For now I want to focus on their nose packs. I didn't buy the charcoal kind, although I usually try charcoal first, because I was recommended the regular one.

This is actually a Japanese product but it is really popular and used frequently in Korea. This line from Elizabeth has won a consumers choice award three years in a row, proving even more how well they work. The adhesive works really well in this one and gets out a lot of blackheads. When you use a strip like this it takes out all of the sebum and dirt that is clogging your pores and expanding them. When you remove those your pores appear smaller, because they aren't stretched out anymore. You can't really shrink your pore size, but you can clean them!

Applying a nose pack/nose strip is really simple. First you want to have clean skin so that it easily attaches to the blackheads and not the loose dirt around your nose. After that, you just lightly add some water to your nose, making sure that it's wet in all the places the strip will go. If you dampen the strip after you apply it there's a chance you can smear the glue or that it seeps through the wrong way so it doesn't stick to the blackheads right. Peel the strip off of the plastic, and apply that side to your nose area (shiny side down). Make sure that it is completely smoothed out on your skin without wrinkles or dry spots. This nose pack has small incisions on it that make it easy to fit it onto your nose in the areas where it needs to crease. Once the strip is all settled, wait about 10-15 minutes or until you know it's completely dry, because if you take it off when it's still wet it won't be nearly as effective. Then peel off the strip and wash any excess it might have left on your nose. Some people say to peel from both sides at once, or to just chose one side, personally I like to do both at once but I think it's up to you. This isn't a waxing strip, so you don't need to pull it off quickly, just move at a steady pace, but don't go too slow. (If you peel it off too fast it will hurt much more and can cause long-time redness or damage, especially ones that have stronger adhesive.) It may hurt a bit and be a little red right after, but that all goes away within a few minutes. If your nose feels dry after washing it you can feel free to apply a light moisturizer afterwards, but be careful not to clog the pores back up right away.


Double ew. 

Some people may find it really gross, but I think there's something strangely satisfying about looking at a nose strip after you peel it off and seeing what it took out. Usually there isn't too much to see, but this one really gets so much out! Something interesting that I have not seen a strip like this do before was how when I was washing my nose there were even some that were partly out and I could just wash off. I felt like my pores and my nose were much cleaner. This time when I used the strips I did them with my boyfriend to see if it worked on him as well, and we had the same results. Also, as usual when using these kinds of packs, my nose was really smooth afterwards. It did make it a little red and tingly for about 2-5 minutes afterwards, but then it went away. Although it didn't look like my pores and every blackhead disappeared completely, the size and amount did go down.

This is from the second use, the before was worse the first time I used one of these

The first time I used one it took a lot out, and after that there weren't many left when I used it again. Strips like these can be good to help when you're having more trouble than usual, or just to keep things in check. You can use them once a week at most, if you overdo it you may harm your skin. Maybe think of it like the difference between shaving something and waxing it. Shaving, like washing your skin daily, keeps things in check in an easy way. Waxing isn't done every day because you don't need it that often since it's a more intense kind of treatment. Even if you think it's amazing how much these strips take out, again, don't use them too much, just use them as occasional maintenance. 

I would definitely recommend buying these to try, and I hope to try more from this product line in the future as well. Another great thing about these sheets is that they aren't very expensive! Especially for the quality that they have and how long they last. I bought mine at Olive Young on sale for around $10 (10,000 won) and it came with 20 strips. If you're in Korea you can find them at similar stores easily. You can also buy them online on EbayAmazon, or Yes Style from around $6-$20, depending on how large the pack is. If you're obsessed with removing blackhead like I am, you will probably love using these. If you've ever used them yourself, please let me know what you thought in the comments! They worked really well for me, so I'd like to know if it's the same for others.

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