Thank you for visiting my Website!

I suppose that most of the people who read this already know me, but there are always new things to learn about people. So if we are good friends, acquaintances, or strangers, here are a few things about myself!

I studied Interaction Design in South Korea, however I started this blog back when I was a teenager who could only dream of living there. Lately I'm mostly working on game design, illustration, and a few personal projects on the side. 

I try to live my life to the fullest, and I'm trying to gain new experiences while I can.

I've had this blog since 2011, but it's changed a lot since then. I'm sure you can tell that the photos and content improved and changed over time, from reviewing k-pop albums and skin care samples, to me living in Korea and writing about my time here. I also used to make videos about K-Pop music and videos that were released every week, so if you're interested in that you can check it out here. It's my hope that this blog can continue to grow and change in years to come as well. 

My nickname is Li'l Bunny because I'm the youngest, and I really do look like a bunny when I eat apparently, and I've had chubby cheeks my whole life. I am also a huge succulent enthusiast to say the least, and like to spend time caring for and sketching cactus and the like. 

This blog exists to share my experiences and to give people a look into my life and projects that I'm working on. So I hope that you enjoy going through the posts here, and that you will continue to follow and see what comes up in the future.