Mental Health Awareness Month: Cactus


I wanted to draw something for Mental Health Awareness Month, so this is what came to mind based on my own experience. 


Just because a plant has thorns that doesn’t mean you should care for it any less. 

In the same way, you shouldn't care any less for people who have mental illness. 

- C.A.M

Comic 2: Allergy Season/황사철


Lately the air in Seoul has been really bad so I've had to wear a mask for the first time. I really hate it because I feel like a dork, and it's hot out so my chin gets all sweaty, but without a mask I get headaches and sneeze a lot.

Even if everyone else is wearing a mask I feel strange wearing one, so I thought of something to make me feel better.  

Sometimes, when I see a lot of people wearing masks about to cross the street, I imagine they're going to battle the people on the other side. 

See you next time you jump down the rabbit hole, 

- C.A.M